Green Edge House by mA-style Architects

Green Edge House by mA-style Architects

Location: Fujieda, Japan
Year: 2012
Area: 800 sqft
Photo courtesy: Nacasa & Partners Makoto Yasuda

There was the building site on a gently sloping hill. It is land for sale by the lot made by recent land adjustment here.The land carries the mountains on its back in the north side and has the rich scenery which can overlook city in the south side. However, it was hard to feel the characteristic of the land because it was a residential area lined with houses here. Consideration to the privacy for the neighborhood was necessary in a design here because it was a residential area.


Therefore at first I imagined a house with an inner court having a courtyard. However, indoor privacy is not kept in the architecture around the courtyard. In addition, light and the air are hard to circulate, too. Therefore I wanted to make a house with an inner court having a vague partition.


At first I float an outer wall of 2,435mm (8 ft) in height 800mm (2.6 ft) by Chianti lever from the ground.


I make a floating wall by doing it this way. While a floating wall of this simple structure disturbs the eyes from the neighborhood, I take in light and air. A green edge is completed when I place trees and a plant along this floating wall. That’s why I called the house “Green edge”. The green edge that was a borderland kept it intact and located a living room or a bedroom, the place equipped with a water supply for couples in the center of the court. Then a green edge comes to snuggle up when in the indoor space even if wherever. In addition, I planned it so that nature could affect it with a person equally by assuming it a one-story house.


A green edge and the floating wall surrounded the house, but considered it to connect space while showing an internal and external border by using the clear glass for materials. The transparency of the glass weakens consciousness to partition off the inside and outside.


Then the green edge becomes the vague domain without the border. The vagueness brings a feeling of opening in the space. In addition, the floating obstacle that made the standard of a body and the life function in a standard succeeds for the operation of the eyes of people.


It is like opening, and a green edge and the floating wall produce space with the transparency while being surrounded. The space changes the quality with the four seasons, too. This house where the change of the four seasons was felt with a body became the new house with an inner court which expressed the non-functional richness. The green edge house does not change the inside and outside definitely.


In the Green edge house, various standards make mutual relations each and operate space.


There is the approach in migratory of green edge and the floating wall. The green edge along the floating wall is the gray area that operated space and a function from a human physical standard and the standard of the life function. I arrange the opening to a physical standard. Act in itself to pass through the floating wall becomes the positioning of the approach as psychological recognition.


For example, as the human physical dimension, standing is 1500-1800mm (5-6ft), and sitting is 820-990mm (2.7-3.25ft). On the other hand, as the human working dimension, 750-850mm (2.46-2.78ft) on the desk, and 730-750mm (2.39-2.46ft) in the washstand are normally scale. From the module that such a human physical standard and the standard of the life function, floating wall was set with 650mm (2.13ft) from the floor, 800mm (2.62ft) from the ground. By doing so, I created the domains where the eyes of the people does not cross of inside and outside. It leads to a feeling of opening for the living people. The floating wall shows an internal and external border. On the other hand, transparency of the glass weakens internal and external difference. With the operation of the standard, and it raises excursion characteristics not to toe the mark.


The green edge house is the house which was rich in the variety that balance of the space was planned by a building and a physical standard.

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