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About Café Kandl, Vienna, Austria

A coffee house is for many people the favorite place to Rendez-Vous and socialization and a centuries-old institution in Vienna, Austria. But today’s coffee shops need a fresh and timeless look and architecture companies should adapt to the market’s needs.

The new Café Kandl in Kandlgasse 12 in the 7th district shows us how it’s done! It combines a modern look with relaxation and a timeless vibe.
The initial plan was a contemporary Viennese coffee house: timeless and yet exciting, a family-friendly café with delicious breakfasts and lunches by day, and the best cocktail bar in Vienna by night. Creating these two distinct atmospheres was difficult, but IFUB* found the answer within the Café Kandl Twist, harnessing both the structurally immutable and the transformable to make the seemingly impossible, possible.

From artistic oak parquet to a peaceful haven

The structural twist: Two linear design elements divide three of the five square rooms into two very contrasting areas. The coffee house on the one side with its artistic oak parquet flooring and classic-yet-contemporary design turns the main seating area into a peaceful haven.

Exuberance and Joie de vivre

The bar and the WCs on the other side counter this with exuberance and joie de vivre — the black and white ripples on the floor and exciting colors and materials are enough to make corks fly. And at the dividing lines, mirrors extend the space and blur boundaries…
The atmospheric twist: A more flexible way of transforming the space. Whoever is in the café at 15:30 can experience it firsthand — this is when the bright and friendly café-restaurant becomes a cool, classy cocktail bar. The dark-red curtains behind the bar are drawn, closing the view to the kitchen and muting the noise. At the same time, the lights are dimmed and set to a color that invokes the evening atmosphere. Instead of fantastic food, there are now fantastic cocktails: The Café Kandl Twist — live and in color.

With its oak parquet floor and matching ash paneling and furniture, the main seating area is inspired by the classic coffee houses. The graphic patterns of the wood, in combination with the colored fabric of the curtains and upholstery, brings the necessary freshness to a well-established concept. The wood paneling design was derived from the new Cafe Kandl logo, and is not only visually appealing but also directs to the exits and to the WC. The coat hooks were also positioned to complement the design. Encircling the main entrance, a curtain of thick yellow fabric protects against wind and noise from the outside. The graphic design reaches its peak with the mirrors: here we are met suddenly by the rotated square, which can also be found in other places. The centrally divided rooms and half squares thus become optically “whole” again.

The color and material concept of the main seating area uses warm colors for a cozy flair. Classically restrained and yet excitingly beautiful. The team paid special attention to the use of real materials, durability, value and that unique feel. The sustainability was taken into consideration when the team projected the interior design as well.

The culinary preparations opened to the public at Café Kandl

The cooking takes place directly behind the window to the kitchen. Here, the culinary preparations are not kept secret but are instead purposely advertised with the freshest of ingredients and tastiest recipes. If guests can see into the kitchen, it goes without saying that it must be more than just functional—it also has to be visually appealing. But the same goes for kitchen staff: it’s easier to work well in beautiful spaces. That’s why handmade square blue tiles edged in black complement the classic stainless-steel kitchen equipment.

The unique design of the restroom area

The WCs are also located “behind a mirror” and are accordingly exciting in their design. In the entrance to the restroom, the concentric circles in black and white on the floor are combined with built-in WC cubicles and their bright yellow doors. The washstand is made of the same green marble as the bar: here too, the dark green provides a color contrast to complete the composition.

The outside of the building was hardly modified

Café Kandl has hardly changed from the outside. Although there are new windows and doors together with a new entrance sign, the basic color scheme of the building has been purposefully retained.

The roof of the terrace room was painted pale pink, an echo of the blossoms of the courtyard’s large cherry tree. The color also harmonizes beautifully with autumn’s yellow foliage. The new room, with its myriad possible uses, is an ideal addition to future cultural offerings at Café Kandl.

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