Casa MM Casa by Elías Rizo Arquitectos

Casa MM Casa by Elías Rizo Arquitectos

Architects: Elías Rizo Arquitectos
Location: Tapalpa, Mexico
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Marcos García

Casa MM Casa introduced a strange test for us. Two siblings who claimed a significant stretch of area in Tapalpa drew closer us with the goal of building two separate houses. As we delved into the venture’s requirements we understood that both of our customers had comparable needs keeping in mind they wouldn’t fret, and truth be told favored, that the houses share a typical dialect, every one needed to pass on its own solitary identity. The geography of the site forced its own particular arrangement of variables that brought about further slight adjustments in the configuration of every house.


A comparable arrangement of needs was actualized in dimensioning spaces and setting up spatial connections between capacities.


Access to both structures turned into an essential worry in our configuration. In spite of the fact that the passage design and successions were essentially determined by capacity, the customers communicated a longing that passageway into the houses be considered as an involvement in its own particular right. We then continued to explain the passage modules with their different spaces (mud room, carport, stockpiling, and administration quarters) around open patios that get the attention and permit sunshine in.


Both structures are formed by a requirement for adaptable utilization of space, and a craving to associate with the outside. All through the houses one finds that a vast degree of dividers and windows are indeed operable allotments that can be concealed totally from sight to unite adjoining spaces with related capacities, or to open the house to its environment.


House A, which was based on the higher piece of the property, keeps up a more thoughtful person air. Its floor arrangement shows a slight precision that recognizes it from House B, and the majority of its spaces are organized around and open yard. Beside the main room, which stands off-pivot and in part separated from whatever is left of the house, all quarters contain a mezzanine level with extra beds.


House B shares the general design and spatial succession of House A, however shows a strict, rectilinear floor arrangement which watches out past the property’s edge. Not at all like House An, its quarters are on a solitary level.


The uncovered steel structure, with its spotless lines and its stark geometry, goes about as a trained three-dimensional form, encircling planes and volumes clad in crude surface, which thus reverberate an immediate relationship to the structures’ regular setting.

Casa-MM-Casa-07 Casa-MM-Casa-08 Casa-MM-Casa-09 Casa-MM-Casa-10 Casa-MM-Casa-11 Casa-MM-Casa-12 Casa-MM-Casa-13 Casa-MM-Casa-14 Casa-MM-Casa-15 Casa-MM-Casa-16 Casa-MM-Casa-17 Casa-MM-Casa-18 Casa-MM-Casa-19 Casa-MM-Casa-20 Casa-MM-Casa-21 Casa-MM-Casa-22 Casa-MM-Casa-23 Casa-MM-Casa-24 Casa-MM-Casa-25 Casa-MM-Casa-26 Casa-MM-Casa-27 Casa-MM-Casa-28 Casa-MM-Casa-29 Casa-MM-Casa-30 Casa-MM-Casa-31 Casa-MM-Casa-32 Casa-MM-Casa-33

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