House K&N by CKX architecten

House K&N by CKX architecten

Architects: CKX architecten
Location: Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Year: 2013
Photo courtesy: CKX architecten

The living arrangement is situated in a locale at the edge of the city of Eindhoven in the south of the Netherlands. Intended for a youthful family with two little youngsters and an affection for Dutch innovator structural planning.


The general shape and design of the building was driven by outside elements: “Strict regulations from city board running from separations to outskirts, get to and aggregate sum of development zone and volume and an adoration for cutting edge construction modeling brought about this play with white cut out cubic volumes.


Intended to be lived in at painfully inconvenient times of the day, when light searches out shade, and shade opens itself to the light.


Developed in white with at any rate as would be prudent trimming and points of interest, entryways from floor to roof without doorposts, sliding entryways which open even in the corners.


On the patio nursery side the house opens totally to a decent green garden and transforms into an awesome indoor-outside living space with substantial sliding entryways that even slide away at the corner to let the limit in the middle of inside and outside vanish.

House-K-N-05 House-K-N-06 House-K-N-07 House-K-N-08-1 House-K-N-08 House-K-N-09 House-K-N-10 House-K-N-11 House-K-N-12 House-K-N-13 House-K-N-14 House-K-N-15 House-K-N-16

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