Lakecrest Residence by a|k|a Architecture + Design

Lakecrest Residence by a|k|a Architecture + Design

Architects: a|k|a Architecture + Design
Location: Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
Year: 2014
Area: 5,000 sqft
Photo courtesy: a|k|a Architecture + Design

Roosted on a rough bluff side in a lakeside neighborhood of Whistler, the 5000 sq.ft. Lakecrest Residence is encompassed on all sides by staggering all encompassing perspectives of mountains, lake and woodland. The house outline arranges the testing and tough normal geology of the site while catching perspectives from each space.


The social regions (kitchen, feasting, family room) are composed along a roomy course spine making get-together spaces that face outwards towards the lake and mountains past. The spine ends at the Great Room which cantilevers over the current steep territory and opens up to the perspectives in all headings.


The rooms are situated in a different wing straightforwardly identified with a private and calm outside yard.

Lakecrest-Residence-03 Lakecrest-Residence-04 Lakecrest-Residence-05 Lakecrest-Residence-06 Lakecrest-Residence-07 Lakecrest-Residence-08 Lakecrest-Residence-09 Lakecrest-Residence-10 Lakecrest-Residence-11 Lakecrest-Residence-12 Lakecrest-Residence-13 Lakecrest-Residence-14 Lakecrest-Residence-15 Lakecrest-Residence-16 Lakecrest-Residence-17 Lakecrest-Residence-18 Lakecrest-Residence-19 Lakecrest-Residence-20 Lakecrest-Residence-21 Lakecrest-Residence-22 Lakecrest-Residence-23 Lakecrest-Residence-24 Lakecrest-Residence-25 Lakecrest-Residence-26 Lakecrest-Residence-27 Lakecrest-Residence-28 Lakecrest-Residence-29 Lakecrest-Residence-30 Lakecrest-Residence-31 Lakecrest-Residence-32 Lakecrest-Residence-33

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