The Wall House by FARM

The Wall House by FARM

Architects: FARM
Location: Singapore
Year: 2013
Photos: Bryan van der Beek and Edward Hendricks

This is a story of two houses – comparable looking, yet autonomous and meeting up to frame an intelligible entirety.

wh_120613_02The two squares sit on a sprawling land parcel, having a place separately to the resigned folks and one of their kids.


This partition of the house into two pieces, to some degree a reaction to the sheer size of the area, is additionally a necessity brief given by the customers. Automatically, it comprises of a two-story hinder with the principle living and main room zone, and a solitary story piece lodging the diversion territories of the house.


What joins these two volumes together is the enormous focal patio at the passageway communicated in a grim geometry of stone floor and divider, a naturally formed oculus and a moderate planting of six delicate trees. Like a meager yet guileful Chinese scene painting, this sets the tone for whatever is left of the spaces.


The scene plan, like the house, is additionally experienced in numerous related layers. It takes its motivation from the reasoning of established Chinese Garden where perspectives are obtained through set patterns and vistas, and where sight lines and spaces start to overlap.

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