Concrete home flexible enough to adapt in the future allowing to modify its distribution and even adding new bedrooms

Concrete home flexible enough to adapt in the future allowing to modify its distribution and even adding new bedrooms

Architects: Fritz + Fritz Arquitectos
Location: Luján, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
Year: 2015
Area: 2.153 ft²/ 200 m²
Photo courtesy: Quiroga + Caraffa

“The “House RB” is characterized by its conceptual synthesis, formal and material.


Being a home for a young couple, the design should be flexible enough to adapt in the future, with the arrival of children, allowing to modify its distribution, and even adding new bedrooms.


The house is organized by a series of patios that allow the natural ventilation of every room, and the inside/ outside connection, creating different situations of permeability.


The use of massive inverted beams located on the roof, allow a “column free” “living room” area and a 60 sqm gallery.


As for the material aspect of the house, the concrete ceiling contrasts with travertine floors and white interior walls.


The structural solution also generates a gallery of 60 m2 partially covered by a cantilevered slab 4 m x 15 m, devoid of props.


As for the outside, the facade is conceibed by the use of large glass panels in relation to the concrete beams of the roof and in contrast to the white brick walls and travertine.


Towards the front, a white brick masonry latching system generates a visual screen to the kitchen´s patio, providing both permeability and privacy at the same time.”

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