Colunata House by Mario Martins Atelier

Colunata House by Mario Martins Atelier

Architects: Mario Martins Atelier
Location: Lagos, Algarve, Portugal
Year: 2011
Photos:  FG+SG

Outlining a house in Luz-Lagos, in the south of Portugal, in a genuinely fascinating area confronting the , was characterized by an arrangement of rules, in particular:


  • The making of a contemporary compositional component;
  • Regard for and association with the encompassing zone, normal and based upon;
  • The utilization of nearby materials and building systems;
  • Choosing the sunlight based introduction and having powerful wind assurance;
  • Benefitting as much as possible from the fabulous area and its all encompassing perspectives;
  • Making a delicate inside/outside move. So that the outside is a wonderful space for living and recreation.


These rules result in an arrangement of white volumes, free and naturally assembled, coming full circle in a semi-round opening, which grasps the pool and opens out to the favored perspective. This outcomes in the focal patio, the fundamental space of the house, where the security is felt and where the skyline is transcendent.


It is around this porch that the practical association of the house is organized, on one story. There are five rooms with bathrooms and a substantial family room which prompts the kitchen. The carport, specialized and benefit ranges guarantee the smooth running of the house.


The house is all in white. It is a southern house, and in that capacity the light is extraordinary. It is this light, with its solid, unmistakable shadows, that gives shading and intending to the white that covers the building. The solid vicinity of water and the arranging encompassing the range highlight the serenity of the spot.

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