Family Home in Mallorca by Marga Rotger

Family Home in Mallorca by Marga Rotger

Location: Mallorca, Spain
Year: 2009
Photo courtesy: Gori Salvà

A modern house that has used noble materials such as concrete for the high ceiling in the sitting-dinning-room and oak wood floors that run throughtout the home. The project is characterized for the simplicity of the open spaces with a minimalist but warm atmosphere.


The neutral earthy tones of the furniture, using diferent textures,add warmth and create a comfortable sensation. These tones are present in every room to créate balance, without any strident or surplus ornamentation. It has just the perfect amount of details to personalize the space and at the same time satisfy all the requirements of the client.

Family-Home-in-Mallorca-02 Family-Home-in-Mallorca-03 Family-Home-in-Mallorca-04 Family-Home-in-Mallorca-05 Family-Home-in-Mallorca-06 Family-Home-in-Mallorca-07 Family-Home-in-Mallorca-08 Family-Home-in-Mallorca-09 Family-Home-in-Mallorca-10 Family-Home-in-Mallorca-11 Family-Home-in-Mallorca-12 Family-Home-in-Mallorca-13 Family-Home-in-Mallorca-14 Family-Home-in-Mallorca-15 Family-Home-in-Mallorca-16

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