Shelter Island Pavilion by Stamberg Aferiat Architecture

Shelter Island Pavilion by Stamberg Aferiat Architecture

Architects: Stamberg Aferiat Architecture
Location: Long Island, New York, USA
Area: 1,100 sqft
Photo courtesy: Paul Warchol

Let the line that partitions craftsmanship from structural planning be straightforward. This venture gave us a chance to bring our impacts, motivations, desires and years of compositional configuration to hold up under in one spot with just ourselves and our financial plan to characterize the limits.


Cubists looked past the mechanical perspective of how the eye sees and utilized the cerebrum’s capacity to recall and foresee, permitting one to take in an apparently disconnected cluster of marvels yet at the same time have the entire bode well. The expanding pliancy of lightweight building materials permits us a percentage of the Cubists’ slight-of-hand to at the same time summon the immediacies of assembled structure and in addition compositional dream states – the floating rooftop, translucencies in the middle of inside and outside, and dividers that are not dividers.


Sir Isaac Newton watched the distinctive conduct of shading made with color and shading made with light. The Impressionists and Fauves tried different things with Newtonian standards to make light impacts with color. These examinations have reclassified contemplations on how hues identify with each other. Guided by Newtonian shading hypothesis, the serious palette of the house permits luxuriously hued reflected light to go through translucent dividers, suffusing spaces with an enchanting sparkle.

Shelter-Island-Pavilion-00-3 Shelter-Island-Pavilion-00 Shelter-Island-Pavilion-01-2 Shelter-Island-Pavilion-01 Shelter-Island-Pavilion-02 Shelter-Island-Pavilion-03 Shelter-Island-Pavilion-04-2 Shelter-Island-Pavilion-05 Shelter-Island-Pavilion-06-1 Shelter-Island-Pavilion-06 Shelter-Island-Pavilion-13-1 Shelter-Island-Pavilion-13-2 Shelter-Island-Pavilion-13 Shelter-Island-Pavilion-14 Shelter-Island-Pavilion-24 Shelter-Island-Pavilion-25 Shelter-Island-Pavilion-26 Shelter-Island-Pavilion-27 Shelter-Island-Pavilion-29

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