Hyderabad House by Rajiv Saini and Associates

Hyderabad House by Rajiv Saini & Associates

Architects: Rajiv Saini & Associates
Location: Hyderabad, India
Area: 12,500 sqft
Photo courtesy: Sebastian Zachari

When we were drawn nearer by customers around 4 years back for this project,they just about gave us an unlimited authority. They were prepared to cut the house down and revamp as they had taken advantage of the old house (constructed by the past era with Victorian segment embellishments and an excellent round marble winding staircase) and needed a totally contemporary look.


Rather than beginning off with another design,to move ourselves we thought why not attempt and work with what we have and see what we can think of? We gave ourselves two months to attempt and work on the old arrangements to update them with new necessities (falling flat which we would have begun creating arrangements for another house), and at changing the character of the house. What took after was an extreme time of ‘altering’- increments and cancellations that inevitably make up this 12,500 sq feet home.


Extra rooms got cantilevered over existing structure (for instance the copper clad rec center disregarding the front greenery enclosure is a recently included cantilevered steel structure,as are the visitor rooms and the steel and glass study appended to the expert suite), repetitive spaces got cut out/destroyed, new spaces were made wherever conceivable (the new lounge area was made by encasing a piece of the back patio nursery), the terrific winding marble staircase fell a casualty to the reorganizing,replaced rather by a smooth metal and stone one, in an alternate a portion of the house. The 10′ distance across opening left in the slanting piece as a consequence of this got changed into a sky facing window, and the rooftop got sheathed in a layer of dark slate!


At the onset the customers had communicated their favored palette of materials-adding to that further,we worked with a scope of materials, for example, dim granite,silver-dark travertine,white marble ,blonde woods, steel and glass,to make a bespoke house that bestowed a “crisp” and “cool” (Hyderabad has a “hot” dry atmosphere) feel. The extensive garden too experienced a complete make over with the expansion of another pool and a structure with it.


As a planner, my most noteworthy prize was the point at which my customer on coming back from a long occasion to NY shouted that no extravagant lodging anyplace on the planet now gives her as much pleasure as the solace of her own home.

Hyderabad-House-06 Hyderabad-House-07 Hyderabad-House-09 Hyderabad-House-10 Hyderabad-House-20 Hyderabad-House-22 Hyderabad-House-24 Hyderabad-House-25 Hyderabad-House-26-1 Hyderabad-House-26 Hyderabad-House-27-3 Hyderabad-House-27 Hyderabad-House-28 Hyderabad-House-29 Hyderabad-House-30 Hyderabad-House-31 Hyderabad-House-34 Hyderabad-House-35 Hyderabad-House-36 Hyderabad-House-37 Hyderabad-House-38 Hyderabad-House-39 Hyderabad-House-41 Hyderabad-House-42 Hyderabad-House-43 Hyderabad-House-46 Hyderabad-House-47 Hyderabad-House-48 Hyderabad-House-50 Hyderabad-House-52 Hyderabad-House-53 Hyderabad-House-61

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