Project K by Juma Architects

Project K by Juma Architects

Architects: Juma Architects
Location: Belgium
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Juma Architects

JUMA modelers changed an ordinary 1976 home into a contemporary manor with a wonderful occasion feeling.


Nothing stays of the first design. The progressions begin with the passageway entryway, which has been moved to an alternate area. The stairs to the cellar and the storage room were evacuated and supplanted by two stair hatches, arranging for an impressive floor range that beforehand just served as dissemination space. The carport was yielded also. Because of the space it involved, as well as basically in light of the fact that it totally obstructed the perspective on the most lovely piece of the greenery enclosure. The unused upper room space over the carport was opened up to the rooftop; along these lines, JUMA made the ideal spot to house the kitchen. The enormous Vertigo light was hung over the focal kitchen island, where it comes completely into its own.


Another substantial window area showers the kitchen in shades of green. The lounge area and the parlor with its comfortable chimney were additionally fitted with vast coated territories to permit a lot of characteristic light and exploit the perspective on the new pool.


A L-molded volume containing a secured patio and the main room was manufactured around the sky-blue swimming pool. Both the room and the connecting restroom appreciate that immediate perspective onto the pool that makes this house so uncommon. One encounters an ecstatic occasion feeling all through the whole house.


The hues and materials were kept light and calm and are emphasized with infrequent dark enumerating in the window outlines, entryway handles and light fittings. The entire oozes a feeling of quietness, making an environment in which the occupants can completely loosen up.

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