How Workspace Interior Influence Students Productivity

How Workspace Interior Influence Students Productivity

There are countless factors that deplete our workspace productivity. But the good news is, you need to deal with only the key points to achieve higher results. For students, their ability to study and resolve assignments is very often hampered by the environments of their workspace. Universities expect us to show creativity and concentration. But the reality is, sometimes our rooms do not motivate us at all. Quite the opposite, they become an additional burden to our tasks. So, how exactly does a workspace interior influence students productivity? Let’s find out.

What demotivates our education

When remote studies began several years ago, students got overwhelmed by the workload. Educational systems believe that studying remotely opens up tons of free time for students. But in reality, this is not so. An excessive amount of assignments comes accompanied by home responsibilities and distractions. And the state of your room interior can contribute a lot to burnout.

It’s not a secret that the working environment has a direct impact on productivity. And with these additional challenges, students need to tune it up as much as possible to win the race. A messy, underlit room with background noises and an unwieldy work desk will not get us far. Let us discuss now what will.

Items to improve your study interior

  • Fresh air is something we can’t get enough of. Sitting in a room with a bad ventilation system will gradually deplete your study fuel. Find a way to let some fresh air in.
  • Natural light is always better than artificial light, so take advantage of it. Big windows are a plus. But you can also increase lighting by washing windows or installing mirrored surfaces and shiny decor into your room.
  • Pieces of art in a room are something that makes people happy. And when students study in an environment with things that inspire them, they can solve their tasks creatively, and as a result, more effectively.
  • According to one research, plants add 15% to your productivity. Consider placing some cozy succulents at your study place or another plant to remind you about nature, forests, and other inspiring things.
How Workspace Interior Influence Students Productivity
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Sounds should not distract you

The matter of sounds in your room affects productivity a lot. Do you have a noisy roommate or neighbors? In that case, study productivity is in big danger. Most of the assignment writers agree that preparing an essay while you are distracted by ambient noises can be a pain. A headache due to the extensive noises is not something you want while you try to focus on your studies.

70 decibels is the level of sound you would want to achieve. Of course, a headset with your favorite music can help. But if you like to be aware of your surroundings while studying, consider installing sound-absorbing panels to your ceilings. If that’s too expensive, another option is a white noise sound machine. Ideally, of course, you need to discuss the matter with your neighbors and come up with regulations that would benefit both of you.

Tidy up your desk

Let’s be honest; our rooms accumulate mess quicker than we’d want. And this is a major factor that may discourage study very much. Even artists who prefer chaos need a clean workplace to start with.

To declutter your study place, you need to remove everything from it and start adding items back according to their necessity. Wiping and disinfecting the surfaces could also help because dust not only damages your health but also creates a demotivating effect of neglect. Find a specific place for every item in your study space and always place it there. This will save you tons of time afterward. Various organizers should help with dividing the items properly. If there’s even a slight question on whether a certain item is necessary for your studies, do not hesitate to remove it. Every inch of free space is worth it when you’re trying to achieve maximum academic productivity.


At the end of the day, the biggest motivator is your spirit. But that spirit can be dulled by additional factors that accompany you in your room while you study. Workspace interior influences students’ productivity a lot. And you should use it to your advantage to make your education more enjoyable and effective.

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