Guo’s Residence by Z-AXIS DESIGN

Guo’s Residence by Z-AXIS DESIGN

Architects: Z-AXIS DESIGN
Location: Taichung, Taiwan
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Z-AXIS DESIGN

An old house in Taichung City, originator infused cutting edge style into the general region to layout basic and perfect space line. By utilizing vast bits of materials and differentiating shading profundity to make a chic, modern way of life. Non-partitioned outline makes living and feasting zones look more open and roomy, a marble divider and a bar are put to lead the house line, in addition to differentiating shade of couch and contraptions add a feeling of clean, urban air into the space.


A huge bit of light dark marble divider is as the TV divider in the lounge, behind the divider are not-touch-the ground cupboards which speak to a three-dimensional visual impression joined with capacity. At the passage set a wood workmanship deco infuses a rural vibe into the general population space. By putting a bar to partitioned the eating region and wood grained sideboards to highlight diverse shading levels.


Because of longer front and raise width in the main room, planner set the bed in the center district to expand more storage room, bedside divider utilized marble material to include a feeling of craftsmanship into the room. A column of closets set behind the divider furthermore on the inverse side of the bed are as capacity spots. By setting closets to supplant a changing area can make general space look more roomy. Adjacent to the window expands a lounge chair stage which gives a resting, talking place for relatives.

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