Simple and practical home, a restoration of an old house attic in front of the sea

Architects: Architetture
Location: Sanremo, Italy
Year: 2016
Photo courtesy: Alberto Piovano

“The restoration of an old house attic in front of the sea becomes an opportunity to reconsider the entire living space. The common areas of the lounge-dining room on the first floor are extended to the upper floor. The use of a double volume space allows to amplify the entrance of natural light opening sea views and sky scenarios. Light permeates an essential interior.

A space designed using surfaces and volumes. Volumes that identify functions, white and smooth surfaces that reflect and absorb reverberations of sky and sea. The staircase, made of iron and wood, is  heavier at the bottom and dematerializes along the climb. Shapes and materials are reduced to the essentials.

They waive any decorative function attracting the gaze on the fullness of the void. A void that is sometimes occupied by natural elements, such as a courtain of green leaves, or by evanescent figures projected on a bare wall.”

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