Rethink the minimum dwelling space of a home set on a plot of just 35.64 m2

Rethink the minimum dwelling space of a home set on a plot of just 35.64 m2

Architects: dmp arquitectura
Location: Huipulco, México City, Mexico
Year: 2016
Area: 947 ft²/ 88 m²
Photo courtesy: Onnis Luque

“Located in Xomalli street 153, in the town of San Lorenzo Huipulco , the xomali house it develops through two floors and a mezzanine on a plot of land of just 35.64 m2, each program element is accurate within the project settings , with the intention of re think the minimum dwelling space. The scheme has a commercial ground floor , the first floor contains the public spaces consists of the kitchen, living room, service area and a double-height study; the third floor has a mezzanine that contains the master bedroom as the most private core.


The location of the house on the street facing has made a distinction in urban silhouette, proposing a reconfiguration in integration into the context, becoming an urban reference.


In the Xomali House, our team found the possibility of materializing a growing concern of social consciousness.


In terms of program, the project is a single room with trading floor; but our goal was to solve the complexity of living in community. So we seek the independence of the individual, through the quality of space:


  • An interaction place was respected in the center of the field: a courtyard as consequence to the location of the earlier buildings and the proposed new space, an interaction space for members of the three families occupying the same land.


  • Ownership of the building, in obedience to individual complexity. In a double access, alternating a dual identity that responds to be in family, and the identity needed to be independent.


  • Three spaces that are one. Being, Eating and sleeping are developed in harmony within the space, articulated by a double height.


  • The “low cost” that does not compromise the quality. The greatness of space focuses on attention to the detail. A materiality without presumption, frank and is no stranger to the individual. Sensory appropriation of space through the correct handling of light also was one of the resources used.


House Xomali is a contribution to the imaginary of emergency social architecture in Mexico City. Through this exercise we reinforce the identity of a family, and support the emancipation of the individual, making easy a community life, which is a feature -and not an obstacle- of Latin American society.”

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