Beach Road 2 Residence by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

Beach Road 2 Residence by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

Architects: Hughes Umbanhowar Architects
Location: Jupiter Island, Florida, USA
Year: 2004
Area: 3,600 sqft
Photo courtesy: Ken Hayden

Like driftwood gathering in courses on the shoreline, the house serenely settles in the interstices in the middle of waterfront and street along a limited site on the northern bank of Jupiter Island. Save in its 3,600 square feet, the house and its materials show the amazement of a scavenger’s fortunate and valuable finds—of worn shoreline glass, a relinquished marine vessel, or a fleeting example in the sand—and a riff on suddenness and perpetual quality.


Finished in 2004, the house typifies the same complexities and dichotomies that describe Jupiter Island. On the double cutting edge and immortal, the house is both an interesting seaside bungalow and a chic isle manor. The cerebral geometries of the house are supplemented by the pitched nautical dynamism of a structure roosted on docks and railings, prepared to set sail immediately.


The outline intentionally plumbs the components of glass, sand and aluminum for their figurative and material potential outcomes in three particular “research facilities” for living. Discrete areas include: “sand” which encases the resting zone, “aluminum” which breathes life into the diverting space, and “glass” which upgrades the insightful living space. Every section is delicately situated to catch light and perspectives.


The earthenware fritted glass of the kitchen and lounge area loans translucency and visual play toward the south-bound two-story amusing space. The textured face of stucco or “sand” of the north-bound dozing range underscores the old shrewdness of worn stone, an able sensibility for a close space implanted delicate morning light and its corresponding quietness. Connecting the two, the focal kitchen range is sheathed with louvers, or “body”, giving an approachable feeling of kinship and narrating.


This nexus of glass and sand actually generates an exuberant, if not showy, space—a stage for amusing, nourishment readiness and eating. Aluminum louvers beneath intervene the warmth of the day, offering cool separated light toward the west. As night advances, visitors can meander to the housetop lap pool to take in the perspectives toward the east and south. Whether saw above or beneath, the convincing motion of the pool gives a visual and instinctive connection to the flimsy faltering line of nightfall at sunset, or the immeasurable cerulean early afternoon span.


While unassuming, this housetop “oceanic patio nursery” enlarges the feeling of space remotely and inside, while practically giving a sensational, helpful and private space for an empowering swim. Amid the day, the cool purplish blue of the water is transmitted and transmuted into the living space through sky facing windows inserted in the pool floor. The dynamic transaction of light and shadow stimulates the space beneath.


Occupants are allowed to take in the marinescape from the housetop, or through the unhindered broad window perspectives of the bulthaup kitchen underneath where they are easily shielded from chill night breezes. The kitchen contains liberal ledges, offering space for culinary investigation, pleasant enthralling, or for a peaceful morning of isolation with an in number espresso and daily paper. Arranged on the shoreline, the house bears direct access to the water, fortifying the quickness of the relationship to site and the suddenness of island living.

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