How to Make the Most Out of Small Outdoor Spaces

How to Make the Most Out of Small Outdoor Spaces

If you own or rent property in an urban area, your outdoor space is likely to be somewhat limiting. For buildings where your only backyard, balcony, or patio is narrow or constrained, it’s easy to avoid using these small outdoor spaces altogether. However, you can likely do quite a bit more than you’d initially imagine with these areas. Everything from a few new potted plants to a modern outdoor fire pit can inspire you to spend more time outside and capitalize on these smaller spaces.

Comfortable outdoor areas carry many health benefits from homeowners, allowing you to take in more sunshine, fresh air, and vitamin D. With the continuing effects of the Covid pandemic and lockdown, this space is more important than ever. There are plenty of opportunities to make the most out of a small backyard or patio area. Here are some of the best ways to spruce up this space so you can spend more time outside next summer.

1. Gardening Boxes

Raised garden beds for your outdoor areas are a fantastic way to inspire you to spend more time outdoors and exercise your creativity. To begin with, you’ll need to assemble walls with wood planks or bricks. Measure out the area in which you’ll place the box and then remove any grass or weeds from the same area. Fill the box with mulch and soil, packing as densely as possible, and you’ll be ready to plant. Make sure to pick plants that match the amount of sunlight that reaches this space. Whether you use this space for flowers or for vegetables, you’ll likely find that this is a great way to use your outdoor areas.

2. Deck & Patio

Backyards and lawns that aren’t as narrow are a fantastic opportunity for a new deck or patio. While this isn’t necessarily the cheapest way to maximize the value of this space, it can potentially be one of the most transformative. Finished decks make it easy to step outside without having to worry about putting on shoes and essentially extend your indoor living space. If you’re feeling up to it, you can personally make a deck for your backyard and upgrade this area with a few simple building materials and household construction tools.

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3. Create a Border

One of the biggest problems with narrow or small outdoor areas is their proximity to other homes and the visibility of this space to other homeowners. When you’re upgrading your property’s outdoor space, you might first want to consider how to boost the privacy of your home by creating a border between your lawn and your neighbor’s. If you have a patio or finished portion of your outdoor space, you might want to consider drapery panels, which essentially allow you to hang curtains around this patio area. These outdoor design features also have the added benefit of allowing you to control the sunlight and shade in this area and for the rooms at the back of your house.

If you’re looking for a privacy solution that’s a little more creative, you might want to consider constructing a vertical wall garden. You can either build or outright purchase a frame for this planting layout and might find you have more garden space than you’d initially imagine. However, just as with a garden box, you’ll need to carefully consider the placement of this framework relative to the sunlight that’s available. Most vertical gardens for sale from retailers are water and humidity resistant, even when they’re constructed with wood.

4. Stonework Pathways

Stone pathways for your garden or around the side of the house give your outdoor space an organizational boost. These pathways can go a long way in dividing your garden into sections based on what you’re planting. In many ways, they are foundational to creating a natural backyard retreat. Stonework designs range from elegantly aligned tiling to charming and quaint stepping stones, so there’s plenty of breathing room for picking the design option that’s right for your space.

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5. Outdoor Seating Areas

Outdoor seating can be so much more than just a few lawn chairs. While your space might be too limited for a full outdoor living room, it likely has plenty of room for an upgraded arrangement of seating options. Luxury outdoor furniture makes it easier to spend more time outside in comfort while giving your space a modern and contemporary appeal. Outdoor dining chairs with an accompanying breakfast table are also a solid choice for creating more uses for your outdoor areas. Most outdoor seating options are weatherproof, so you won’t have to worry about finding a place to store your chairs for the winter.

6. Fountain and Firepit

The best backyard designs include a central focal point that creates an atmosphere of comfort and style. A fountain or a fire pit is the best choice for centering your backyard around a single object for most homeowners. Garden fountains bring a more relaxing and comforting ambiance to your backyard, while fire pits are a great spot for gathering with friends and family. The sounds of a backyard fountain can help reduce noise from nearby streets or highways and give homeowners the opportunity to give the backyard some artistic flair. If you’re considering a fire pit, you might want to consider purchasing a gas fire pit rather than a normal brick-and-mortar one to reduce the effects of excess smoke.

7. Lighting for Outdoor Areas

When you’re planning out upgrades for your backyard, don’t forget to consider how you’ll light up this space in the evenings. Warm white LED string lights are a great option for creating a cozy evening glow that ultimately makes this space usable outside of daylight hours.

Conclusion- How to Make the Most Out of Small Outdoor Spaces

Garden boxes, new outdoor seating options, or a garden fountain can go a long way in boosting the appeal of your backyard. Just because your property’s outdoor space is small doesn’t mean you can’t create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere that inspires you to spend more time enjoying the sunshine.

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