La Font 61 House by Miquel Lacomba Architect

La Font 61 House by Miquel Angel Lacomba

Architects: Miquel Angel Lacomba
Location: Pollença, Mallorca, Spain
Year: 2010
Area: 385 sqm
Photo courtesy: Miquel Lacomba Architect

Arranged in an alluring spot, in Pollença, Mallorca, the house is spoken to as a white rock, empty towards the South, that makes it look lighter. Composed by the draftsman Miquel Ángel Lacomba who stresses the significance of the customer as the crucial part in the right execution of building design: ‘Working for this family made me go further in my occupation, looking for vitality and a straight dialect’- claims Lacomba, ‘It has been a procedure in which the investment of the customer was serious. This is emphatically identified with my conviction that the building design ought to be clear and adjusted. Our dialog has finished the venture and opened it to diverse dreams’.


The clarity and the equalization are the aftereffect of this affinity between the customer’s wish and the innovative assets of the designer. Built in the back of the plot, the house seen from the greenhouse shows up in all its wonder of concordance, against the drape of the mountains out of sight, the enormous mass of calcareous rock. The volume of the house, longitudinal, is determined in one and only level, aside from the strong of the primary room that shades regard whatever is left of the building.


The development transmits a quiet solidarity due to the straightforwardness of the geometry and the extraordinary sandstone confronting in the exteriors, asphalts and slanted rooftops. Alongside the strength of the house seem light sliding shades made out of Iroko wood, setting customary, rhythmical and portable interims, giving security and sifted light projection on the yard.


Alongside the impression of quiet and solidarity, there is a touch of strain, at the purpose of the union between the day-and night-living zones, a void which isolates in two pieces the volume that appeared to be one longitudinal unit.


The day-living range is framed from one side by the huge space of the kitchen, the eating and parlor, from the other it is arranged in the structure bound for the night-living some portion of the house.


The sandstone floor connected in the insides makes the same radiant impact that the outside dividers. The wooden stairs are an intense point of interest inside this flawless geometry and transitory climate that composes the space on this floor and prompts the more elevated amount that comprises of the fundamental room and the open studio with basilica roof.


At the end of the day in the greenhouse, looking at the house for the last time, there is a wonderful distinction: The contrarily disposed tops of the lower and higher volumes, permit to see the mountain through the inside spaces.

Casa-Bauzà-01 Casa-Bauzà-02 Casa-Bauzà-03-1 Casa-Bauzà-03-2 Casa-Bauzà-03 Casa-Bauzà-04-1 Casa-Bauzà-04-2 Casa-Bauzà-04 Casa-Bauzà-05 Casa-Bauzà-06 Casa-Bauzà-07-0 Casa-Bauzà-07-1 Casa-Bauzà-07 Casa-Bauzà-08-0 Casa-Bauzà-08-1 Casa-Bauzà-08 Casa-Bauzà-10-1 Casa-Bauzà-10 Casa-Bauzà-11 Casa-Bauzà-13-1 Casa-Bauzà-13-2 Casa-Bauzà-13 Casa-Bauzà-14 Casa-Bauzà-15 Casa-Bauzà-21 Casa-Bauzà-22 Casa-Bauzà-23 Casa-Bauzà-24

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