North Bondi House by MCK Architects

North Bondi House by MCK Architects

Architects: MCK Architects
Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Year: 2011
Photo courtesy: Douglas Frost

This task involves a first floor expansion and a ground floor reevaluation to a space + light denied semi. Floorspace has been relinquished on the first floor to make a twofold stature open center to the focal point of the house, separating common light into the profundities of the inside. Dead space has been generally disposed of where conceivable through open arranging and reusing flow usefulness.

North-Bondi-House-01 North-Bondi-House-02-1 North-Bondi-House-02 North-Bondi-House-03-0 North-Bondi-House-03-1 North-Bondi-House-04-1 North-Bondi-House-04 North-Bondi-House-05 North-Bondi-House-06-1 North-Bondi-House-06 North-Bondi-House-07 North-Bondi-House-09 North-Bondi-House-10 North-Bondi-House-13 North-Bondi-House-14

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