Unique Garden Design Tips For Homeowners

Unique Garden Design Tips For Homeowners

A new study shows that gardening relieves stress more effectively than other types of soothing activities, such as reading, according to CNN. People tend to make their gardens as original and beautiful as possible. Gather welcome inspiration from these unique garden design tips for homeowners. The hottest trends in garden design are easy to implement, and they add so much character, richness, and dimension to outdoor spaces.

Create an enchanting garden pathway

According to, the term “forest bathing” is the practice of taking a short walk through the woodland. To enjoy forest bathing at home, plant flowers, shrubs, and trees along a pathway, with a mind to simulate a leisurely stroll through a forest. To make a pathway more interesting and formal, lay down stone pavers rather than opting for a basic dirt path. Another option that requires less sweat equity is an informal pathway made from gravel or mulch. Border a formal or informal pathway with a beloved plant, and then enjoy meandering down the pathway any time of the day or night.

Add tranquil beauty with water features

The peaceful sensation of watching and hearing water is like no other. Homeowners who add original water features to their gardens may enjoy the high style, plus the sense of pleasure that being around water brings. Fountains are gorgeous options, but they aren’t the only options. Unique water features, such as cascades and retaining wall waterfalls, offer a visual impact that is so unexpected and attractive. And, believe it or not, these features also increase the value of your property. If you want to go all out, consider a Koi Pond. According to the Better Homes & Gardens website, about fifty feet of space will be needed to make this sort of pond.

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Create a peaceful meditation gardens

When a home features a meditation garden, an outdoor space becomes a sanctuary that inspires contemplation. Anyone who wants to unwind will love coming home from work and spending time in a meditation garden. To create one, add a stone statue (a Buddha is one option) to a clean and simple landscape, or build a meditation hut with a triangular shape and surround it with evergreen and pine trees. The meditation hut will become a sculptural design element and will also be functional.

Upgrade a home garden today

The world’s most unique garden may be the Garden of Cosmic Speculation in Dumfries, Scotland. It was inspired by math and science and features original landscaping that calls to mind fractals and black holes. While this ambitious garden is one of a kind, it shows what is possible. Homeowners may use their creativity (and the tips shared today) to express their own passions and sensibilities. When they do, they may enjoy stress relief that is so good for their minds, bodies, and spirits.

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