Casa VU by TDC

Casa VU by TDC

Location: Lima, Peru
Year: 2012
Photo courtesy: Sergio Fernández Majluf

The project is set on a cliff with a steep slope and a privileged view to an isle on the sea. Every room tends to open up to this natural surrounding through overlapped volumetries which generate shadows and open spaces such as the terrace which ends up becoming a contemplation space. At this house, architecture and structure merged in order to create two white volumes (un-gravitational) set over two earthly volumes (massive).

casa-vu-01 casa-vu-02 casa-vu-03 casa-vu-04 casa-vu-05 casa-vu-06 casa-vu-07 casa-vu-08 casa-vu-09 casa-vu-10 casa-vu-11 casa-vu-12 casa-vu-13 casa-vu-14 casa-vu-15 casa-vu-16 casa-vu-17 casa-vu-18 casa-vu-19

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