Custom Private Home in British Columbia by David Tyrell Architecture

Custom Private Home in British Columbia by David Tyrell Architecture

Architects: David Tyrell Architecture
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Year: 2011
Photos: David Tyrell Architecture

This amazing habitation is situated close Kelowna, a city on Okanagan Lake in the Okanagan Valley, in the southern inside of British Columbia, Canada. It’s custom private home that was outlined by Vancouver-based studio David Tyrell Architecture and the development has quite recently been done.


The habitation is exceptionally great, both by its size and the building design. It’s a forcing habitation that appears to have been constrained inside the slope. Building it on that specific site wasn’t simple however it was justified regardless of the inconvenience when the completed result resembles this. The home is extremely extensive and stylish. The passageway lobby is really a high space that additionally incorporates the stairway.

Kelowna-House-02-1 Kelowna-House-02 Kelowna-House-03 Kelowna-House-04-1 Kelowna-House-04 Kelowna-House-05 Kelowna-House-06 Kelowna-House-07 Kelowna-House-08 Kelowna-House-10 Kelowna-House-16 Kelowna-House-17 Kelowna-House-18 Kelowna-House-19 Kelowna-House-20 Kelowna-House-21 Kelowna-House-22 Kelowna-House-23 Kelowna-House-24

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