How a Clean Environment Affects Work Productivity

A considerable chunk of your day is spent at the office. If the working environment is not clean and disinfected adequately, it can spread diseases and become a health hazard to all employees working in the same space.

In addition to housing your employees, your office is also a key advertising space for your business. As such, a clean, modern and well-organized office creates a positive impression for prospective employees and clients. If the office is dirty, outdated and poorly organized, it can have numerous repercussions for the business. There are many benefits that come with a clean and well-organized workspace. Some of them include;

Health benefits

  • More time at work

Workplace cleanliness directly affects employee health, and consequently productivity. This happens when less time is wasted by employees away from work on sick leave. Most employers are already conscious of the fact that, the more time off taken by staff, the less the productive the workplace is.

Office surfaces can be easily contaminated without regular cleaning. For instance, studies have revealed that the average office desk contains about 8,000 bacteria. Without proper cleaning and disinfection of such surfaces, diseases can easily spread in the workplace leading to losses in man-hours and revenue.

  • Reduces stress levels

People feel a little overwhelmed around cluttered desks and offices. Having an office space filled with clutter can make things hard to find and leads to increased frustration and stress levels.

Stress often leads to a variety health problems like fatigue, drug abuse, depression and trouble sleeping. By keeping the office clean, these and other problems can be avoided.

To prevent such problems, you need to pick a Sydney commercial cleaning service that is competent and thorough in its cleaning process. It is also important to remember that keeping the office and other work areas clean and disinfected is not only for the well-being of the employees but, it is also a requirement by the law.


Improves focus 

When working in a clean, well-organized office, it is easier to remain focused on your tasks.

A clean and properly organized office makes it easier for you to find documents and other tools essential to your duties. If you spend less time finding things, you don’t get frustrated and you stay focused longer.

Even though most companies advocate and prioritize cleanliness among their employees, it is important to note that people are different. While you have some employees that are excellent cleaners, you might also have some that are not too keen on cleaning their desk.

The few untidy desks can be the talk of the office and can easily distract and turn off the other employees. The dirt on one desk can have a ripple effect on multiple other employees. That is why most companies opt to hire professional commercial cleaners like Storm International to take care of all their cleaning duty.

This way, cleanliness in the workplace becomes a standard for office and other workplaces.

Boosts morale at the office

A key factor in workplace productivity is excellent staff morale.  When employee morale reduces, productivity is also affected.

A clean and well-organized office is easier to work in, and employees always look forward to coming for work the following morning. By having staff that are enthusiastic about working in your office, they are more productive and require less monitoring.

A clean and healthy working environment offers a feeling of pride, comfort and peace of mind. The feel-good effect of such emotions easily spreads to other workers making the office a hive of activity and prosperity.


Prolonged lifespan of office equipment

At first glance, you might not see how having office equipment lasting longer can affect productivity even though it will save money. But, it does!

One of the major causes of breakdown of electronic equipment is dust and dirt. If equipment like printers, computers and shredders are not adequately cleaned, the accumulation of dust can lead to short-circuits and a shorter lifespan.

Before you can have the machine repaired or replaced, your employees have no alternative or, they have to hurdle around another machine. Ultimately, that translates to wasted time and lost revenue for the business.

Furthermore, offices produce a lot of waste that is highly flammable like papers. Without proper cleaning and disposal of such waste, they become a fire hazard. Needless to mention should a fire break out, the losses to your business would be substantial.

By simply cleaning the workplace, you will not only improve productivity and access to company equipment, but you will also save yourself from costly repairs, replacements, wasted time, and also reduce fire hazards providing a safer and more conducive environment for your employees.

Improves business standards

Your office setting and arrangement gives visitors certain perceptions about the business and its owner. A well-structured and organized workplace that is clean, modern and fresh reflects its values and quality of service to its customers.

Your office or the workplace says a lot about your business and services. By keeping it clean and organized, your customers perceive your business positively. Needless to mention, by maintaining high standards around the workplace, your employees believe they are working for a higher cause. They are keener, thorough and dedicated to everything they do which translates to better delivery, increased revenue and overall better performance.

A home away from home

By keeping the office and common areas clean, you can get employees to stick around longer, and it is also easier for them to put in extra hours. For instance, a clean, disinfected and well-organized office kitchen will encourage workers to eat in as opposed to going out for lunch.

The time taken before they can settle back in the office for their afternoon shift is substantially reduced which means more work is done without breathing down the necks of your employees. Furthermore, if the employees find the office comfortable and conducive, they are more likely to put in some extra hours of work and delay going home.

There are many benefits that come with having a clean work environment. Most of them directly impact the success of the business by optimizing productivity at the workplace and boosting revenue as detailed herein.

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