Mountain House by Van Der Merwe Miszewski Architects

Mountain House by Van Der Merwe Miszewski Architects

Architects: Van Der Merwe Miszewski Architects
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Year: 2011
Photo courtesy: Vdmma

Mountain House is situated on a lofty inclining site on the foot of Table Mountain flanking Table Mountain National Park. So as to accomplish minimal effect on the site, the house is involved five structures which are tucked into the inclining territory encompassed by the current normal fynbos which extends from the mountain slants over the site to the street underneath.


The five structures imitate the lie of the area and untruth like leaves that have tumbled down the mountain. The structures are in sensitivity for the encompassing setting so as to accomplish as meager visual effect as could be expected under the circumstances on the current characteristic scene.


Livable spaces have been made by utilizing the age-old convention of embeddings stone dividers into the scene, in this way making usable porches and stages. The shades of these stone dividers copy those of the precipices of Table Mountain above and its vicinity grapples the outline into the scene.


The wavy rooftop is similar to a bit of the site lifted off the ground, settling over the livable spaces and stages. The solid rooftop bends in both headings and takes its signal from the bended way of the bluff appearances on Table Mountain above and the molding incline of the site underneath.


The rooftop in this way reproduces the bend of the mountain face and the lie of the land.Glass is utilized to encase these stages to make tenable spaces inside of the indigenous ecologic environment.

Mountain-House-04 Mountain-House-06-1 Mountain-House-06 Mountain-House-07 Mountain-House-08-1 Mountain-House-08-2 Mountain-House-08 Mountain-House-09-2 Mountain-House-09-3 Mountain-House-09-4 Mountain-House-09 Mountain-House-10-1 Mountain-House-10-2 Mountain-House-10-3 Mountain-House-10-4 Mountain-House-10-5 Mountain-House-15

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