Finger Rock House by HK Associates Inc

Finger Rock House by HK Associates Inc

Architects: HK Associates Inc
Location: Santa Catalina, California, USA
Year: 2010
Photo courtesy: Bill Timmerman

The idea and design of the house are an immediate reaction to its desert setting and all encompassing perspectives. The Living Room, Kitchen and Dining Room possess the second floor and are associated with patios that offer vistas of the north, south and east skylines, while a restricted flat window on the west façade catches evening dusks. The Master and Guest Bedrooms, and in addition a Gym and Office are situated at ground level, offering private perspectives and an immediate association with the desert floor.


The structure of the house strengthens this reasonable request, with the breezy glass and steel casing of the second story upheld by a stone work base that ascents straightforwardly starting from the earliest stage. The rooftop plane of the second story cantilevers and overlap down deliberately to fortify the all encompassing perspectives of the mountains and city while giving asylum from the sun.


The design of the floor arrangement and its siting additionally work to make a progression of close yards at the section to the house and additionally contiguous the 100 foot long lap pool that upgrade the association of inside spaces to the outside.


The Finger Rock home joins various feasible configuration arrangements, quite a 8kW, 48 board photograph voltaic exhibit on the rooftop that changes over the suns beams into power. Sun oriented vitality is furthermore utilized to give high temp water to the house and to warm the pool.


These vitality investment funds are supplemented by the utilization of both LED and shading adjusted conservative fluorescent lighting all through the house that has the included advantage of diminishing the warming burdens found with traditional radiant light sources.


Finally, the collapsed rooftop structure is intended to gather water spillover and redirect it to a 3400 gallon subterranean storage for use with scene watering system. Dim water collecting gives extra water preservation.

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