Casa del Viento by A-001 Taller de Arquitectura

Casa del Viento by A-001 Taller de Arquitectura

Architects: A-001 Taller de Arquitectura
Location: Tepoztlán, Morelos, Mexico
Year: 2013
Area: 7,000 ft²/ 650 m²
Photo courtesy: Jaime Navarro

“Casa del Viento” augments the domain of fiction and transforms it into a resting and thought space. Roused in the legend of the Tepozteco (A gigantic volcanic arrangement in the site), it opens the likelihood that the lines of wind and water disintegration, for sure where really made by the general population of the town attempting to cut down the divine force of the winds (Ehécatl).


Three nonexistent bits of rock tumbled from the volcanic development and transformed into dividers; three lines that offer spot to a house opened to the winds, in a steady trade with nature for which it was imagined. Cantilevered structures make transitional spaces between the outside and inside.


As a type of tribute, “Casa del Viento” confronts north to the Tepozteco to fill each inside space with a 180 degrees perspective of a stone development that progressions identity as the sun travels the sky. Its thin shape permit saddling the normal lighting from the south and the perspective from the north, and in addition making cross ventilation in every one of the rooms.


A consistent differentiation in the utilization of contemporary versus territorial materials, develops an impression of the social blend that describes Tepoztlan. Thrown cement utilized as a part of the floors and limestone in the outside and inside dividers gives the house execution a warm protection and a low upkeep. The use of supportability strategies as water catch and utilization of sun oriented radiators, bolster greatest vitality and normal assets.


Its engineering design makes inhabitable spaces in inviting situations opened to the experience of the nation site. “Casa del Viento” shrouds closeness corners through practical points of interest: a contemplation patio, little galleries that shields the rooms from sunlight based protection and a pool that day converse with an impression of the Tepozteco.


Every room wraps the occupant in the scene itself, from which, with his own vicinity turns into the new stone carver.

Casa-del-Viento-by-A-001-Taller-de-Arquitectura-06 Casa-del-Viento-by-A-001-Taller-de-Arquitectura-07 Casa-del-Viento-by-A-001-Taller-de-Arquitectura-08 Casa-del-Viento-by-A-001-Taller-de-Arquitectura-09 Casa-del-Viento-by-A-001-Taller-de-Arquitectura-10 Casa-del-Viento-by-A-001-Taller-de-Arquitectura-11 Casa-del-Viento-by-A-001-Taller-de-Arquitectura-12 Casa-del-Viento-by-A-001-Taller-de-Arquitectura-13 Casa-del-Viento-by-A-001-Taller-de-Arquitectura-14 Casa-del-Viento-by-A-001-Taller-de-Arquitectura-15 Casa-del-Viento-by-A-001-Taller-de-Arquitectura-16 Casa-del-Viento-by-A-001-Taller-de-Arquitectura-17 Casa-del-Viento-by-A-001-Taller-de-Arquitectura-18 Casa-del-Viento-by-A-001-Taller-de-Arquitectura-19 Casa-del-Viento-by-A-001-Taller-de-Arquitectura-20 Casa-del-Viento-by-A-001-Taller-de-Arquitectura-21 Casa-del-Viento-by-A-001-Taller-de-Arquitectura-22 Casa-del-Viento-by-A-001-Taller-de-Arquitectura-23 Casa-del-Viento-by-A-001-Taller-de-Arquitectura-24 Casa-del-Viento-by-A-001-Taller-de-Arquitectura-25 Casa-del-Viento-by-A-001-Taller-de-Arquitectura-26 Casa-del-Viento-by-A-001-Taller-de-Arquitectura-27 Casa-del-Viento-by-A-001-Taller-de-Arquitectura-28 Casa-del-Viento-by-A-001-Taller-de-Arquitectura-29 Casa-del-Viento-by-A-001-Taller-de-Arquitectura-30 Casa-del-Viento-by-A-001-Taller-de-Arquitectura-31

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