Wildcat Ridge Residence by Voorsanger Architects

Wildcat Ridge Residence by Voorsanger Architects

Architects: Voorsanger Architects
Location: Aspen, Colorado, USA
Photos: Thomas DamgaardPaul WarcholPaul Bardagjy
Year: 2008
Owner: Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich
Price: $36.375 million

America has numerous astounding destinations yet this property is one of a kind among them. The site is situated at a rise of 9,200 feet and had as of now been exhumed for a stopped private undertaking. Our ordinary distraction with not affecting the scene returned here to restoring and reforesting the removed site.

Wildcat-Ridge-Residence-01-1This was not a circumstance where catching the scene was the test however giving a noteworthy economical construction modeling in such a delicate yet difficult environment. The scene itself is so prevailing, marvelous, and quick, with its high vistas not too far off the configuration required a building design that moved the size of the outside into the inside.


The outline developed by taking after the longitudinal parallel of the peak of the mountain, with people in general rooms, study, and main room arranged west toward emotional perspectives. The visitor rooms have an eastern introduction with perspectives of the subsiding mountain ranges. The house is two hundred forty feet since quite a while ago, cut up down its length by a twelve-foot stone mass of greenery rock.


Going into the house, the significant rooms are on the left, available by a display parallel to the divider, on the privilege. This territory is completely free of segments, organized in long compasses by a collapsed plate outline with roof statures beginning at twelve feet and climbing to thirty feet. The floors, dividers, and roofs are clad in dark walnut, and the outside of neighborhood sandstone and stucco.


The house’s vitality sources are seventy-two geo-warm wells and a generator, implying that it can practically work autonomous of outside bolster administrations. The wells warm the carports, pool, and house amid the coldest winter months and cools amid the mid year without exhausting any fossil fills.

Wildcat-Ridge-Residence-05 Wildcat-Ridge-Residence-06 Wildcat-Ridge-Residence-07 Wildcat-Ridge-Residence-08 Wildcat-Ridge-Residence-09 Wildcat-Ridge-Residence-10 Wildcat-Ridge-Residence-11 Wildcat-Ridge-Residence-12 Wildcat-Ridge-Residence-13 Wildcat-Ridge-Residence-23 Wildcat-Ridge-Residence-24

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