PPLB 0422 by STEINMETZDEMEYER Architectes Urbanistes

PPLB 0422 by STEINMETZDEMEYER Architectes Urbanistes

Architects: STEINMETZDEMEYER Architectes Urbanistes
Location: Luxembourg city, Luxembourg
Year: 2008
Photos: Christof Weber

This single-family house with three veneers and five rooms is the aftereffect of an enhancement of regions and volume of living space as indicated by the town-arranging details in this lodging area of Luxembourg City overwhelmed by between associated houses.


This lead to a complex massing described by cantilevers and extensive breaks going about as generators of the engineering structure. Shown as white volumes stretched out by solid even and vertical lines, the structure shows up extremely geometric, while drawing a rich spilling out of the ground to the rooftop top.


Extremely expressive, the cornice turns into the component of reconciliation to the structural typology of the road and the neighboring houses. These lines and volumes are more than parts of the veneer origination. The 3-dimensional organization and the repartition of the voids and masses welcome the eyes to meander everywhere throughout the building appreciated as the entirety.


In the same way, the distinctive inner spaces cover: i.e. in the middle of course and living spaces, or between the distinctive levels. The twofold tallness of the lounge area associate the living ranges of the ground floor to the study in the mezzanine and the parental suite on the first floor.


These exterior and indoor communications are finished by outside associations with the green spaces – patio, garden and pool – because of substantial compass glass openings. An outside yard on the ground floor, laid out between the lounge area and the front room, produces an exceptionally solid between entrance in the middle of inside and outside: the greenhouse with its swimming pool and the wooden decks get into the house!


This yard encompassed by a colonnade and fitted with a velum is experienced, depending whether the vast sliding windows are open or shut, as an outside space being a piece of the greenhouse, or as an indoor space being a piece of the house! The space of the house itself and the noblest living spaces are changing as indicated by children and lifestyles. By and by it is the drawings of the lines and the white volumes that present lucidness to these unpredictable and blended zones of the house and its greenhouse.


An exceptional consideration ought to be paid the standards of low vitality development that could be coordinated to this mind boggling and brave volumetric sythesis, which upgrades the openings toward the south and west, and favors a more enormous piece toward the north and east , while giving a today’s reasonable and pertinent impression.





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