Seacombe Grove House by b.e architecture

Seacombe Grove House by b.e. architecture

Architects: b.e. architecture
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Photos: Trevor Mein, Peter Clarke

The siting reaction for this task was to have neither a front or back greenery enclosure, but instead a constant green open air space around the building.This space is outwardly and physically available from all lower level lounges through consistent floor to roof glass. The entire of the ground floor is inside of an ensured patio greenery enclosure, contained by a persistent high fence, empowering the whole territory (with the exception of walker and auto passage focuses) to be private and usable.


The ground floor living zones are isolated into two unmistakable zones – day/summer regions confronting north and west are coordinated with the pool, plant and secured open air eating ranges, while the night/winter zones confront east and south.Separation between these zones is accomplished by the arrangement of a two level void and stair.This component of vertical development and viable cut in the arrangement is not uncovered until passage into the residence. This component gives detachment at the upper level between main room and the kids’ room and clothing offices.


Huge spotted gum pergolas that venture out from under the upper level upgrade usable open air zones. These pergolas of dark of recolored spotted gum have coated rooftops and operable dividers, furthermore serve to ground the coasting bluestone structure above. With the ground floor having constant coating, the upper level is appeared differently in relation to expressive stone dividers with profound gaps that shield the inhabitant from the adjacent significant street. These gaps and related upper level yards give inward protection to the home.


The choice of materials deliberately tended to their capacity to compass the life of the building – characteristic and matured materials, for example, bluestone temper the “novelty” of the task, and will temper its age later on. The bluestone cladding is cut in 4 varying widths and an arbitrary stacked example is used to emphasize the horizontality of the building, while the dark singed timber screens and fences differentiate the stone in their vertical game plan.


The bluestone is utilized as an antitoxin to the predominance of acrylic render and its level pliancy and instantaneousness. While being a material that is quarried, cut and textured and in this way rich, it is additionally an astonishing nearby material that gives a genuine, inconspicuous composition and shading to the building, making a patina that will age with grace.

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