What Are Some Of This Year’s Smart Home Trends? 

What Are Some Of This Year’s Smart Home Trends? 

Years ago, it was only the most expensive and exclusive American homes that had smart technology, but times have changed, and tech is less expensive. Now, all kinds of new and existing homes feature smart technology. The smart home trends below are some of the most common these days, and we can expect even more changes in the future. 

1. AI And The Internet of Things

There has been so much IT and software development in recent years surrounding AI and the Internet of Things (IoT). Many don’t think about it, but voice assistants such as Alexa from Amazon use AI to make our lives easier in the home. 

AI is getting better every day, and these voice systems are grasping voice commands better and can respond in more involved and precise ways. In homes, we are seeing AI being built into new properties that will help the owner play music, set the temperature control automatically, turn lights on and off when they are out of the house, and so much more. 

2. Health Monitoring In the Home 

Also spurred on by the pandemic, many homes are starting to have health monitoring built into the house. Smart thermostats have been all the rage for years, but today, there are new developments to keep us healthy and comfortable at home. 

One of them is a humidity sensor that can adjust the AC when things get too humid, and there also are smart devices that know when home air quality has been reduced. The air filtration system can switch on and improve the air quality without the homeowner doing anything. 

There also are smart beds coming onto the market that adjust according to your body’s shape, which can give you a deeper and better rest. Smart kitchen devices can provide automated advice on healthy cooking, too. 

An idea on the horizon for health monitoring is the smart toilet. This smart device will have sensors built-in to check skin and waste to give you insights into your overall health. Some experts say smart toilets will start to hit the market within 12 months. 

3. Automated Home Offices

The pandemic changed how many of us work, and lots of Americans are working from home at least part of the time. As more people are working remotely, there is a need in homes for better home offices. 

Modern home offices can be connected with all kinds of smart devices, such as windows that cancel out street noise and dog barks. 

There also are more sophisticated Wifi devices available that can ensure that Wifi connectivity is spread equally throughout the home. 

4. Smart Shades and Lighting

Smart lighting is used often in homes today. When you combine automated lighting with smart shades, you can enjoy an all-new home experience. For instance, when your smart shades go down in the sunny afternoon, the lighting in the home can be adjusted automatically without the homeowner touching a switch. 

This type of feature in a smart home creates a more comfy environment and can cut your energy costs in summer and winter. 

5. Automated Home Security 

Security is another aspect of our lives that is getting smart home treatment. There have been large leaps in smart alarms and CCTV monitors, so it’s much easier to see what is going on in and around the home, no matter where you are. 

Privacy also is being considered more this year because cyber crimes are so much more common now than years ago. There are several security system companies that are creating software solutions to shield the home network from cyberattacks to keep private data safe. 

Recent advancement in home security is a light sensor system that can sense activity in a room based on light changes. This technology might even be able to pinpoint when an intruder gets into the home. 

Technology is getting so advanced in many aspects of our lives. And as it advances, the smart technology that can be deployed in the home gets less costly. This means that more Americans can design their new home – or retrofit their current one – with smart home trends that doesn’t break the bank. 

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