House in Abiko by Fuse-Atelier

House in Abiko by Fuse-Atelier

Architects: Fuse-Atelier
Location: Abiko, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Area: 861 sqft
Photo courtesy: Hiroshi Ueda

This arrangement is a house for the 30-something wedded couple is situated in Abiko. The customer was an interest for a solid space, for example, the exhibition plan furniture diversion sparkle. The site, there is a stature contrast of around 5M through the green street on the south side, north side confronting the parking garage. Situated in the delicate ground that was situated in the valley marshes sandwiched level and level, to bolster the RC elephants there was requirement for a heap. With a specific end goal to decrease expenses, lessen the quantity of heaps by diminishing the contact territory, and the superstructure and Kyanchi group.


The diverse dividers and rooftop pieces VOLUME a persistent surface that is sterically incline, that is streamlined anxiety exchange was a trademark morphology. This house, by structure in quest for discernment of relationship and structure of space, has made an assortment of feeling of separation. At that point, the edge of the polygonal structure, space is fragmented with consistent, and out making an assortment of successions joined by reflection and refraction of the sensitive characteristic light.

House-in-Abiko-03-0 House-in-Abiko-03-1 House-in-Abiko-03-2 House-in-Abiko-03 House-in-Abiko-04-1 House-in-Abiko-04-2 House-in-Abiko-05-0 House-in-Abiko-05-1 House-in-Abiko-05-2-1 House-in-Abiko-05-2 House-in-Abiko-05-3 House-in-Abiko-05-4 House-in-Abiko-05-5 House-in-Abiko-05-6 House-in-Abiko-05 House-in-Abiko-06-0 House-in-Abiko-06 House-in-Abiko-10-1 House-in-Abiko-10-2 House-in-Abiko-10-3 House-in-Abiko-10 House-in-Abiko-12 House-in-Abiko-13 House-in-Abiko-14

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