Nettleton 199 by SAOTA and OKHA Interiors

Nettleton 199 by SAOTA and OKHA Interiors

Architects: SAOTA and OKHA Interiors
Location: Clifton, Cape Town, South Africa
Photos: Adam Letch

The brief was to make a building that expanded the association with the perspective and the , make a patio nursery on the mountain side of the site and to minimize sees over neighboring structures,” says Greg Truen, Project Partner.


The site is situated in favor of Lion’s Head and has phenomenal perspectives over the Atlantic Ocean toward the west. The choice was to make a twofold volume space at the highest point of the site that could join the patio nursery court toward the east, while additionally exploiting the perspectives over the sea toward the west.


The passage corridor is an emotional, vertical space and gives a counterpoint to the living spaces. The volume of this substantial zone is adjusted by the floor which has two levels, and by the room floor which skims into the space and is swung from the rooftop. This component, which has a delicate s-bend, contains the main room and its subordinate spaces are isolated from the lounge twofold volume by an arrangement of walnut screens.


“The building gives a volumetrically emotional and dynamic inside space on a stupendous scale. The target of the inside stylistic theme was to make a gentler and cozy counterpoint whilst not risking the spotless, geometric lines of the building design. These components can congruously exist together and work off one another,” says Adam Court of OKHA Interiors.


By using a wide base of compositions and completions, the stylistic theme feels normal and quietly natural, solace being of central significance at all times; the general atmosphere is one of quiet and tranquility.

Netleton-Road-05 Netleton-Road-06 Netleton-Road-07 Netleton-Road-08 Netleton-Road-09 Netleton-Road-10 Netleton-Road-11-1 Netleton-Road-11 Netleton-Road-12 Netleton-Road-13 Netleton-Road-14-1 Netleton-Road-14 Netleton-Road-15 Netleton-Road-16 Netleton-Road-17 Nett199_2D_000_BasementFloorPlan Nett199_2D_001_EntranceFloorPlan Nett199_2D_002_GroundFloorPlan Nett199_2D_003_FirstFloorPlan Nett199_2D_004_SecondFloorPlan Nett199_2D_005_Elevations_A3 Nett199_2D_006_SectionAA_A3

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