What Items Will Junk Removal Companies Not Take? 

What Items Will Junk Removal Companies Not Take? 

Over time, we’re all bound to pile up quite a bit of junk. Whether it’s old furniture, exercise equipment, electronics, or boxes of who-knows-what, excess junk can clutter our homes and offices and take up valuable space. But don’t worry—there’s a solution. If you have excess junk in your home or office, you can call on a Denver junk removal service to help. These professionals will arrive promptly and haul away all your excess items. No matter the size of the load, they’ll haul it away and safely dispose of your unwanted items. So if you need to declutter your life, a junk removal company is for you. 

But it’s important to note that while junk removal services will haul away a wide array of unwanted items, this doesn’t mean that they’ll simply take anything. Some materials may be deemed too hazardous or difficult to haul away and dispose of, which is why it’s important to first call the junk removal company and learn what they will—and will not—haul away. 

Here, we’re taking a closer look at this beneficial service and finding out what exactly these companies will haul away for you. 


How is Junk Removal Different From Standard Garbage Pickup?

For most people, hearing about “junk removal services” would make you think about your weekly garbage removal offered by your city. However, the two services aren’t the same. The differences here are important. Your local city or county government provides standard garbage removal. Usually, it doesn’t come at an additional cost to the homeowner (after all, this is why we pay taxes, right?). Garbage removal services may or may not also include recycling in their pickup.

Professional junk removal services, on the other hand, should be called when your standard garbage service simply won’t be enough. In most cases, your standard garbage pickup crew will only take away what you can fit in one or two plastic garbage bins. So, when you’re trying to get rid of that massive old couch, you’ll need extra support. When you call a junk removal company, they’ll be able to take these much larger or unusual items that won’t fit in a garbage bin. This makes junk removal services ideal for homeowners or property owners when you’re moving, remodeling, or you just need a lot of excess junk and large pieces removed. 

How a Junk Removal Service Can Help Restore Your Space

What Items Will Junk Removal Companies Take?

In most cases, your local junk removal team will have no problem hauling away all your unwanted items. Here are some of the items commonly hauled away by professional junk removal specialists:

· Electronics.

· Appliances.

· Carpets and rugs.

· Furniture.

· Construction waste.

· Refrigerators.

· Televisions.

· Exercise equipment.

· Hot tubs.

· Household or yard waste.

· Packing materials.

· Mattresses and box springs.

Of course, this is not an entirely comprehensive list. If you’re not sure if your junk will be hauled away, simply call up a local junk removal team. They’ll be able to assess whether or not they can meet your needs. Additionally, these specialists not only haul away your junk but also dispose of your unwanted items according to strict government regulations. This means they’ll dispose of your items in a safe and sustainable manner. Not only will your space look better, but you can feel better, too, knowing the process is safe. 


What Items Will Junk Removal Companies NOT Take?

While professional junk removal services will haul away most items, they won’t necessarily take everything. Some items may be deemed too dangerous or difficult to haul away, and you’ll need to seek out another form of disposal. Of course, each junk removal company is different, which means some will be able to take certain items that others aren’t. Call the company directly to find out what they can haul away.

Here are some items that most junk removal companies will not take away:

· Fuel.

· Paint.

· Oils.

· Pharmaceuticals.

· Household cleaners.

· Medical waste.

· Pressurized containers.

· Fireworks.

· Pesticides.

· Materials containing asbestos. 

Where Does Your Junk Go After Removal?

Out of sight, out of mind, right? While homeowners are delighted when their excess junk is finally hauled away, it’s also important to consider where your junk is going. Once it’s loaded up into a truck, it doesn’t just disappear. So, where does all the junk go?

Depending on the junk removal service, they may try to donate some of the items rather than simply hauling it all to the local landfill. Of course, this is where a lot of the items will end up, but many companies make it a point to donate what they can to local nonprofits or organizations that will make the most of your unwanted items. Many junk removal companies will also try to recycle as many of your items as possible, making junk removal one of the more sustainable options when it comes to getting rid of your excess items. 


Whether you own a home, manage a commercial property, or simply find yourself surrounded by excess junk, you should know that you don’t have to live with this clutter. If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of junk in your home, call on a professional junk removal company. These junk removal experts can help you declutter your life, clean up your space, and ensure that your junk is disposed of in a safe and environmentally-friendly fashion.

While these services will haul away almost anything—this doesn’t mean they’ll take anything. Certain items, such as paint, oils, fuel, ammunition, or medical waste, will not be accepted by junk removal companies. To find out if they’ll take your junk, simply call one of these businesses up and describe what you need. They’ll be able to determine if they can haul it away, offer a quote, and help you finally declutter your life. 

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