Granja Julieta Residence by Cristiane Bergesch Arquitetura e Interiores

Granja Julieta Residence by Cristiane Bergesch Arquitetura e Interiores

Architects: Cristiane Bergesch Arquitetura e Interiores
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Area: 1,270 sqft
Photo courtesy: Marcelo Scandaroli

Project integrates environments with a touch of art. With two floors totaling 118sqm (1,270sqft), the property located at Granja Julieta, south of São Paulo, is the home studio of the artist Beto Boaretto. The proposal was to unite home and work in a practical, comfortable integrated space with good natural lighting.


The biggest challenge was to work with a small budget, so most of the furniture was reused and decorative objects chosen carefully.


“He wanted a stripped proposal, I think it has everything to do with an artist’s home.” Says the architect.” For that we chose a burnt cement floor, rail lights and a brushed steel finish.”


The lower part of the house has gone through more changes. A wall was demolished creating space for the dining room, integrating kitchen, dining and living room.


To create a second entrance, the architect chose a door with a hinged window and a sliding window to improve lighting. A mosaic in green tones provided a colorful and cheerful touch for the environment.


Located in the lobby, down the ladder, a highlight is the toilet, acclimated with New York City theme. The surprise is the door, emblazoned by the iconic Chrysler Building.


In the living room, an aluminum sliding door gives access to the outside area, which serves both the residence as the atelier. In this space was created a lounge to receive relatives, friends and customers. A wooden bench fulfills the role of a coffee table. Ottomans and a flowerpot give a cozy and rustic result. A translucent cover was installed to provide better lighting.


The bedrooms and bathrooms are upstairs. In the master bedroom, the shoe rack was positioned behind the door, with a front mirror to enlarge the environment. The guest bedroom follows the same pattern, and the third is used as a home office.


The artist paintings gave color to the decor, in contrast to the neutral tones. “My environment is a background for his work, I think it was a good match” concludes Cristiane Bergesch.

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