The Cresta by Jonathan Segal

The Cresta by Jonathan Segal

Location: San Diego, California, USA
Area: 5,300 sqft
Photo courtesy: Matthew Segal

The Cresta is a 5,300 sq foot single-family residence designed and constructed entirely out of cast in place concrete on a 5,000 sq ft lot in the Lower Hermosa region of La Jolla, CA . The house’s three stories, one below and two above grade, are accented by floor to ceiling glass and large open expanses to the outdoors.


Beginning as solid form the final product still maintains that form instead through roof planes and vertical walls that create both interior and exterior volumes. Due to the unordinary small property in an area with typical properties three to four times the size every square foot was important. The exterior room was a key element in creating a home that otherwise would have felt small feel larger and more private that it is. While this space creates a void the buildings overall form is kept intact. All four corners remain with walls and roof planes to define the original box of the residence.


Adjacent to the front of the structure a reflecting and swimming pool has been integrated into the overall design of the project for thermal cooling and create the perception of floating. Due to the large expanses of operable glass, the thermal mass of the concrete, sun shading and the insulating effect of the pool the 6.5kw solar array on the roof accomplishes supplying nearly 100% of the homes required power.

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