Casa Sorteo Tec No. 191 by Arq. Bernardo Hinojosa

Casa Sorteo Tec No. 191 by Arq. Bernardo Hinojosa

Location: Monterrey, México
Year: 2012
Area: 8,072 sqft
Photo courtesy: Arq. Bernardo Hinojosa

The design reflects the use of strong, heavy materials which perfectly blend with the landscape that surrounds this stunning house. A modern take on these materials creates a cozy contemporary ambiance, perfectly blending the old with the new.

Steel and stone make an excellent material for décor and design of the property, and the varying panels that compose the fence provide a sense of privacy while at the same time avoiding a complete cut off from its exterior, which is decorated lavishly with palm trees and other lush vegetation. The interior invites you in to beautiful marble floor and impeccably decorated spaces that only highlight the crisp architecture surrounding you.

One of the more prominent features of the house is the mezzanine library, which has become a signature in Arq. Bernardo Hinojosa´s works. This sudden variation in height provides not only an interesting architectural composition, but also a clean view to an area of the house that has often been left behind thick walls and closed doors. This feature, accompanied with the main staircase that continues with the permeability of the exterior into the interior with its pebble backdrop sharply contrasting the delicate glass banister.

The pool and terraces create a relaxing environment, along with the vegetation that creates a sort of resort-like atmosphere both on the interior and exterior of this beautiful home.

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