Zhukovka XXI by UNK Project

Zhukovka XXI by UNK Project

Location: Moscow, Russia
Year: 2013
Area: 8,901 sqft
Photo courtesy: Yuri Palmin

The area of the house is quite large – approximately 1000m2. This significant overall size, its slender form and façade clad in natural stone contribute to an impressive dwelling, one that more closely resembles a sculptural composition than a typical cottage. The site itself was largely uninspiring with little to attract the eye of passers-by. Consequently, the house was positioned laterally across the site, in effect acting as screen, dividing the space equally between public and private areas. Private areas such as the sitting room, kitchen and bedrooms look out onto the internal courtyard through a panoramic glass façade while less sensitive rooms face the driveway.


The garage is positioned perpendicular to the main building and flanks the courtyard on one side. The courtyard also accommodates a steel framework for future exhibition of planted liana sculptural compositions The project employs the latest glazing technologies, using 7.4m high custom-made glass panels from Switzerland. The building contains no corridors: 2 staircases are provided in the central hall providing access to the second floor, one for the owner and a second for guests.


A transparent glass passage floats below the ceiling – a feature barely distinguishable in its normal mode, however, as soon as a person enters the space, motion detectors activate and the glass changes from clear to matte Other interesting design features include the tree “growing” within the house. It was actually planted after construction, hence the terrace with ovular opening in the roof above. While from the exterior, the house may seem quite simple, it is equipped with the latest technology and engineering systems, all of which are carefully hidden in keeping with the minimalistic architectural concept.

Zhukovka-XXI-03 Zhukovka-XXI-04 Zhukovka-XXI-05 Zhukovka-XXI-06 Zhukovka-XXI-07 Zhukovka-XXI-08 Zhukovka-XXI-09 Zhukovka-XXI-10 Zhukovka-XXI-11 Zhukovka-XXI-12 Zhukovka-XXI-13 Zhukovka-XXI-14 Zhukovka-XXI-15 Zhukovka-XXI-16 Zhukovka-XXI-17

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