The Strand Residence by Horst Architects

The Strand Residence by Horst Architects

Architects: Horst Architects
Location: The Strand, Dana Point, California, USA
Photos: Toby Ellis

A few eras of the proprietor’s family delighted in side excursions in their weathered, wooden bungalow in Crystal Cove, only north of Laguna Beach, California.

The-Strand-Residence-01At the point when the lease with the State of California as of late terminated, the proprietors obtained a property inside of the Strand at the Headlands, a couple of miles south in Dana Point.


Looking to re-build up their familial base, the proprietors asked for a casual family shoreline house pleasing three expert suites for folks and grandparents, and additionally a suitable situation for youngsters, grandchildren and companions. The parti mirrors the system through a structure of three translucent structures around a focal, binding together patio.


This yard is hidden from the road and entered discretely through a rotating wood entryway uncovering a secured path along a stone divider prompting the passage. This arrangement of development from road to internal sanctum makes an air of riddle and uplifts the feeling of landing, while likewise uncovering the sea see consecutively.


A progression of covering reflecting lakes contained inside of the focal yard ingrain a feeling of contemplation and retreat where one can ponder the sea and sky.

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