Villa Lugano by Angelo Pozzoli

Villa Lugano by Angelo Pozzoli

Architects: Angelo Pozzoli
Location: Lugano, Italy
Year: 2012
Photo courtesy: Giovanni de Sandre

This building begins from the participation with Studio Sangiorgio in Mendrisio (Switzerland) and it is situated on a bumpy area around Lugano, with an astonishing perspective to the lake and mountains. The ground investigation was foundamental to decide for a corner building: from one side, parallel to the route in, a moderate building in fortified cement , even as outside wrapping up.


On the other side the development is opposite to the first buiding and turning out to be a piece of it. Stair is may be the most great and vital component of the manor. It has been totally implicit by cement and CARTONGESSO, wrapped up by PASTINA DI CEMENTO NERO, and it joins three distinctive living levels, standing up in a full stature territory.

Villa-Lugano-02 Villa-Lugano-03 Villa-Lugano-04 Villa-Lugano-05 Villa-Lugano-06 Villa-Lugano-07 Villa-Lugano-08 Villa-Lugano-09 Villa-Lugano-10 Villa-Lugano-11 Villa-Lugano-12 Villa-Lugano-13 Villa-Lugano-14 Villa-Lugano-15 Villa-Lugano-16 Villa-Lugano-17 Villa-Lugano-18 Villa-Lugano-19 Villa-Lugano-20 Villa-Lugano-21 Villa-Lugano-22 Villa-Lugano-23 Villa-Lugano-24 Villa-Lugano-25 Villa-Lugano-26 Villa-Lugano-27 Villa-Lugano-28 Villa-Lugano-29 Villa-Lugano-30 Villa-Lugano-31 Villa-Lugano-32 Villa-Lugano-33 Villa-Lugano-34 Villa-Lugano-35 Villa-Lugano-36 Villa-Lugano-37 Villa-Lugano-38 Villa-Lugano-39 Villa-Lugano-40 Villa-Lugano-41 Villa-Lugano-42 Villa-Lugano-43 Villa-Lugano-44 Villa-Lugano-45 Villa-Lugano-46 Villa-Lugano-47 Villa-Lugano-48 Villa-Lugano-49 Villa-Lugano-50

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