Bogbain Mill by Rural Design

Bogbain Mill by Rural Design

Architects: Rural Design
Location: Dingwall, Scotland, United Kingdom
Year: 2011
Area: 4,036 square foot
Photos: Andrew Lee

The beginning stage for the Mill task was the few detached dividers that stayed on the site. The current dividers made a progression of yards, some of which has started to be re-possessed by nature.


Our customers brief was for an expansive family house. We were quick to reconsider the building in a dynamic structure, layering a progression of structures over the vestiges to make an unmistakable juxtaposition of old and new.


A few components are unmistakably characterized as unattached articles, the Garden Room, Gym and Garage building slide close by the current dividers, the new raised upper story is overlaid, with a collapsed larch rooftop and divider skimming over the palace like structure of the current dividers.


Every one of the structures make new and captivating patio spaces, permitting the production of an assortment of shielded spaces to permit our customer to take part in his energy for cultivating. Two south-bound patios have been made, the eastern yard porches down in insitu-solid dividers possessed with plants to a little blaze.


The western patio permits night light to be drawn through the profundity of the house, through a current tree that has been safeguarded, furthermore turned into the pivot for this arrangement of spaces.

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