Stubbs Road by NC Design & Architecture

Stubbs Road by NC Design & Architecture

Location: Hong Kong, China
Area: 2,700 sqft
Photo courtesy: Dennis Lo

The Private Residence on Stubbs Road is an open and tranquil 2,700 square foot space defined by a 16m (52.5ft) long sinuous wood wall, strong axial views luminous ceiling oculi, and special hidden built-in wall features accommodating the specific daily routines of its residents. The house is structured around a continuous communal area of the living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom. The gentle, undulating grey wood wall unifies these spaces, drawing occupants from the narrow interior kitchen area towards the wide living room with its grand vista of the Happy Valley Race course below. The subtle shades of grey; from gun metal grey to light ash, delicately accentuates this progression while also providing a neutral backdrop for the rich colors of the selected modern Scandinavian furniture.


The curvilinear wall is offset by two long narrow corridors; one armature holds the kitchen and service areas while the other leads to the bedrooms and communal bathroom. The long, seamless corridor frames the stand-alone white bathtub like a sculpture. The partial reveal draws occupants into the bathroom where they enter into an intimate curved room clad in a gradient of blue hexagonal Mutina wall tiles. At the centre of the room is one of three large swirling artificial skylights in the residence. These feature lights anchor the dining room, the living room and the bathroom respectively, casting each space with a soft homogenous white light that accentuates the sensual elegance of the monochrome interiors.


On the bare walls of the main communal space are two large grey wall panels arranged like abstract modern art. These panels can be slid open to reveal an entertainment center and a portal to the bedroom of the resident fashion designer. These whimsical features add sense of surprise, dynamism, flexibility and interaction that defies the conventional boundaries of a traditional room. Coupled with the dining table, the designer can extend their work surface between the two rooms. This tone of playful concealment can be found behind the grey wall which houses storage closets, pantry, and the powder room. The objects of daily life are treated with care; each has their specific place in the residence. This sensitive gesture allows the main communal areas to be uncluttered and free as a meditative haven.

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