KL Residence by Lechasseur architectes

KL Residence by Lechasseur architectes

Architects: Lechasseur architectes
Location: Québec City, Canada
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Adrien Williams

At our initially meeting, the customers talked about effortlessness and an open perspective of the forested areas. They needed a house that “resembles a house.” They favored a more conventional style, reminiscent of East Coast homes by the ocean, standing like cedar-shingled “beacons,” standing solid against the tempests. These houses appear to ascend to see the skyline. From the earliest starting point, we could see that they were interested in contemporaneity and intensity, despite the fact that they wished to hold the conventional nation style of North Hatley’s initial homes. This duality between the conventional and the cutting edge was our aide all through the configuration.


When we initially went by the property, we were enchanted by the thick, verdant timberland and deer close by. The property is flanked by a stream, and the sound of the water is both alleviating and motivating. It is situated toward the end of a hilly area, near the heart of the town of North Hatley. The winding “”Méandres”” street prompts the property, and the undertaking is settled in one of its sharp bends.


Upon methodology, the house has a solid vicinity, however its fabricate and size give it a conventional look. Meandering through the property, the cedar appears to venture back, permitting the inside to blend with the outside. It is verging on like a pontoon that has stopped on the banks of a twist in the waterway. The house is settled into the side of the mountain, as though it slid, halting just before the gap. The principle floor actually opens into the backwoods, and the upper level appears to glide above it. The screened-in room, a continuation of the glass divider, comes to toward the backwoods, moving the stream nearer.


The KL house’s normal cedar siding and tin rooftop are reminiscent of some of North Hatley’s nation homes. Be that as it may, its prolonged and streamlined shape stands out quietly from the more established, lavish homes on the shore of the lake. The house, and its contiguous carport, have a straightforward and very much expected volumetry and an inclined rooftop with a little shade, however this effortlessness is destabilized by inconspicuous molding. The overhanging upper level covers the patio and porch, ensuring the windowed rooms on the primary floor from the late spring warmth.


The nonappearance of moldings highlights the genuine character of the characteristic cedar shingles. The trimmed range’s smooth cedar boards give a complexity to the textured shingles. In both cases, cedar shingles were decided for their orange tone, which adds a touch of warmth to the venture. Intense, wide openings along the siding edge the internal view.


The passage corridor prompts a splendid move range that opens up vertically, giving a look of the upper level and its cedar roof. The living territories move through an open, longitudinal space that offers a steady perspective of the backwoods. Dull trims around the windows breath life into the home’s long exterior. This straight development proceeds with and overlays inside to house the front room. An adjustment fit as a fiddle makes the library and the anteroom. This darker region stands out pleasantly from the white dividers and radiant furniture. The wood floors add a delicate quality to the undertaking. The open staircase welcomes the tenants to move up. The upstairs dividers are secured in cedar braces. An office territory and long, low stockpiling outfit the space. The rooms and restroom are basic and discrete, every one giving a halfway perspective of the scene. An expansive window in the main room offers a look of the lake through the trees.


In light of the customers’ wishes, the KL house looks “like a house” additionally separates itself, in all straightforwardness, by re-deciphering the locale’s initial nation homes. It likewise has a well disposed sea feel, a long way from the Atlantic.

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