Color, Light, and Materiality: Mi Casita by KUBE Architecture

Color, Light, and Materiality: Mi Casita by KUBE Architecture

Architects: KUBE Architecture
Location: Washington DC, USA
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: KUBE Architecture

Carmen grew up and experienced her developmental years in Puerto Rico. As a young lady she moved to the United States to seek after a vocation. After over 30 years of voyaging and living far from Puerto Rico, Carmen chose she needed her DC column house to be reminiscent of her island home.


The planners reacted with four key procedures: Color, Light, and Materiality.


Shading: Colors utilized are conventional to Puerto Rico, and the creation goes about as a 3-dimensional arrangement inside of the house. The east divider is lined with huge sculptural stockpiling components painted orange and yellow. Different components are nonpartisan dark to differentiate the rich hues. The west divider is lined with beautiful work of art from Carmen’s accumulation of neighborhood and island craftsmen.


LIGHT: Most of the inside dividers were evacuated and substantial windows put on both levels of the back veneer, emphasizing a twofold tallness space. A middle sky facing window was broadened and the stairs outlined w/open risers. Casement windows supplanted all the first twofold hung windows, and light hues highlight encompassing roofs and dividers.


MATERIALITY: The living space ground surface is white porcelain tile, while the second floor is a dim bamboo. The wood “mampara” screen at the stairs is a white-washed poplar, and is confined with darkened steel. The poplar returns on the second level and at the back “scaffold,” ending at the Juliette gallery. Pendant lights are created with bamboo and covered papers.

Color-Light-and-Materiality-Mi-Casita-by-KUBE-Architecture-05 Color-Light-and-Materiality-Mi-Casita-by-KUBE-Architecture-06 Color-Light-and-Materiality-Mi-Casita-by-KUBE-Architecture-07 Color-Light-and-Materiality-Mi-Casita-by-KUBE-Architecture-08 Color-Light-and-Materiality-Mi-Casita-by-KUBE-Architecture-09 Color-Light-and-Materiality-Mi-Casita-by-KUBE-Architecture-10 Color-Light-and-Materiality-Mi-Casita-by-KUBE-Architecture-11 Color-Light-and-Materiality-Mi-Casita-by-KUBE-Architecture-12 Color-Light-and-Materiality-Mi-Casita-by-KUBE-Architecture-13 Color-Light-and-Materiality-Mi-Casita-by-KUBE-Architecture-14

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