Loft on Seventh by Williams Burton Leopardi

Loft on Seventh by Williams Burton Leopardi

Architects: Williams Burton Leopardi
Location: Bowden, Australia
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Christopher Morrison

The thought of ‘exquisite cheapness’ is the way to go of doing things financially yet delightfully.


This thought pervades through the Loft on Seventh patios, grabbing on the mechanical structures and materials of the verifiably modern region where it sits, and re-translating them in inventive ways, making unforeseen space and extravagance.


One of Australia’s initial 5 star Greenstar appraised porch advancements, Loft permeates a palette of hearty and essential completes yet with extravagance and tastefulness.

Loft-on-Seventh-by-Williams-Burton-Leopardi-03 Loft-on-Seventh-by-Williams-Burton-Leopardi-04 Loft-on-Seventh-by-Williams-Burton-Leopardi-05 Loft-on-Seventh-by-Williams-Burton-Leopardi-06 Loft-on-Seventh-by-Williams-Burton-Leopardi-07 Loft-on-Seventh-by-Williams-Burton-Leopardi-08 Loft-on-Seventh-by-Williams-Burton-Leopardi-09 Loft-on-Seventh-by-Williams-Burton-Leopardi-10 Loft-on-Seventh-by-Williams-Burton-Leopardi-11 Loft-on-Seventh-by-Williams-Burton-Leopardi-12 Loft-on-Seventh-by-Williams-Burton-Leopardi-13 Loft-on-Seventh-by-Williams-Burton-Leopardi-14 Loft-on-Seventh-by-Williams-Burton-Leopardi-15 Loft-on-Seventh-by-Williams-Burton-Leopardi-16 Loft-on-Seventh-by-Williams-Burton-Leopardi-17 Loft-on-Seventh-by-Williams-Burton-Leopardi-18 Loft-on-Seventh-by-Williams-Burton-Leopardi-19 Loft-on-Seventh-by-Williams-Burton-Leopardi-20 Loft-on-Seventh-by-Williams-Burton-Leopardi-21 Loft-on-Seventh-by-Williams-Burton-Leopardi-22 Loft-on-Seventh-by-Williams-Burton-Leopardi-23 Loft-on-Seventh-by-Williams-Burton-Leopardi-24 Loft-on-Seventh-by-Williams-Burton-Leopardi-25 Loft-on-Seventh-by-Williams-Burton-Leopardi-26 Loft-on-Seventh-by-Williams-Burton-Leopardi-27 Loft-on-Seventh-by-Williams-Burton-Leopardi-28 Loft-on-Seventh-by-Williams-Burton-Leopardi-29 Loft-on-Seventh-by-Williams-Burton-Leopardi-30

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