Best Wedding Blues with these 6 DIY Home Crafts

Best Wedding Blues with these 6 DIY Home Crafts


Tying the knot is an important chapter in any person’s life. It’s no wonder why many couples would really take the time, effort, and money to prepare for their wedding. The thing is, when the special occasion is over, some would feel sad and easily succumb to the so-called post-wedding comedown.

There are so many ways to handle this post-bliss blues, thankfully. Apart from avoiding mini-moons and delaying your honeymoon, it’s recommended to take things slow. Act like you’re still dating and make a list of Mr. and Mrs. goals.

In your bucket list, include these ten do-it-yourself home projects. Not only can you save money from opting for handmade crafts but also have fun by making things for your new home together! Take it as another way of creating a fun yet romantic memories.


Metal Art Coffee Table

This project is definitely a must-try, especially if you’re both coffeeholic. You need to prepare a metal base, plywoods, and long screws—that’s it. If you want it smooth with some gloss, you have to use some spray paints (color of your choice) and feed n wax. Check how Almost Makes Perfect does it here.

If it’s quite hard for you to do this at home, given that you’re newlyweds and might not have enough (and proper) equipment, ask for professionals instead. There are many online platforms, Creative Metal Design, for example, that offer custom metal art coffee table.

Best Wedding Blues with these 6 DIY Home Crafts


Handwritten Dinnerwares

How about sharing your wedding vows once again? This time, make sure it’s written and can be seen by anyone. Try these handwritten plates! This is way easier than the earlier coffee table. You’ll just have to prepare less-glazed plates or mugs and, of course, Sharpie paint pen!

You could write your wishes towards your partner on the plates or daily reminders on the cups. Doing so would remind them how special they are to you. And yes, you can use and wash them every single day! Just be sure to bake the written dishes at 350 degrees for 35 minutes so the writing wouldn’t rub off.


Etched Wooden Utensils

If you’re into writing, might as well try etching! With a few strokes of a wood-burning or etching tool, any wooden utensils would go lovely from lacking. Start etching cutting boards  for the meantime. Heating on a bigger, more denser, and more solid object is safer, especially if you’re a beginner.

Once you get used to the heating tool, try other wooden materials. If you find it really snazzy and amusing, then get a new collection of platters and kitchen utensils! Etch names of your partner on them or any designs you’d love to do. Serving etched wares never looked this good.


Etched Glass Bakewares

Etching on glass bakewares is possible, too! This is safer than the heating tool, too. First off, you’ll have to prepare your Glass Etching kit. Like how you do it on handwritten dinnerwares and etched wooden utensils, start by deciding what design you both like. Be sure to follow the manual of instructions on how to etch from your kit afterward.

More likely, you have to cut your design that’s printed on a stencil vinyl, etch the details, stick transfer tape on it, and then apply the stencil on the bakeware. Then, apply the etching cream and let it sit for 1-2 mins. Finally, remove the stencil and voilà! Your wares would surely be the talk of the town at the next family gathering meal!


DIY Wall Tapestry

After moving into your new home with your recently married partner, there might be a lot of spaces or areas that look or feel dull. That would make you feel bluer, for sure. But chin up and grab rolls of macramé! Let’s head to a long-term project—tassel tapestry!

This project requires you and your partner’s teamwork. Doing the tapestry will take time, so bear with it. You can work on your macramé strands on your new art coffee table or hang them on the wall. Either way, you’ll surely have fun doing it while having a chat with your wife/husband.


Macramé Runner

Speaking of macramé, why not continue using the leftover strands of your tapestry into a simple and stylish dining room table or sideboard runner? Complete your nautical-themed or boho-chic space by doing so.

Making a macramé runner doesn’t take too much effort compared to the wall tapestry. Obviously, these runners are relatively smaller than a wall tapestry. Since you started doing a time-consuming (and somehow tiring) tapestry, doing these runners wouldn’t be a problem for you now. You can do it!



Doing these handmade crafts can be a bit tiring, but don’t forget that you’re doing these DIYs to overcome your wedding blues. And even if you’re not depressed, still these home projects can serve as your humble beginnings as a married person. All of these are cost-efficient and resourceful—two among the many abilities that you need in married life. Ultimately, be happy!


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Rebecca Nelson is a writer and a blogger. The topics she likes to write include home improvement, interior design, real estate, and more. When not working, Rebecca enjoys hanging out with her friends.

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