Open/Private Apartment by mode:lina architekci

Open/Private Apartment by mode:lina architekci

Architects: mode:lina architekci
Location: Poznan, Poland
Year: 2014
Area: 861 sqft / 80 sqm
Photo courtesy: Marcin Ratajczak

That impact was normal by loft proprietor, who came to designers from mode:lina architekci structural engineering studio. On 80-meters (861 square feet) space they blended private regions with these open for going to companions. This inside is inviting and extremely private also.


“I welcome my visitors here. We watch amusements or mess around with Playstation. In this room we likewise eat suppers, arranged without anyone else in my kitchen.”


It was vital, to plan legitimate space for gatherings or regular cooking, that won’t turn out to be thoroughly void after companions clear out. Comfortable character makes enormous, puffy couches consolidated with fine wood.


“This room is about work, perusing books or writing. It’s a spot where style need to stay back. A thinking, that is the thing that include the most here!”


“Room is a cozy spot, without Internet or TV. Here, you can unwind from everything… except books!”

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