The Wonderland Apartment by House Design Studio

The Wonderland Apartment by House Design Studio

Architects: House Design Studio
Location: Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Hey! Cheese

Among residential projects, color is probably one of the essential elements and it also has good cost performance. Our client is a teacher who has positive attitude and energetic. She would like her home to be joyful and bright. We applied macaron color scheme to this lady’s house. Mild color showing on furniture gives the space fresh and positive atmosphere.

The-Wonderland-Apartment-01 The-Wonderland-Apartment-02 The-Wonderland-Apartment-03 The-Wonderland-Apartment-04 The-Wonderland-Apartment-05 The-Wonderland-Apartment-06 The-Wonderland-Apartment-07 The-Wonderland-Apartment-08 The-Wonderland-Apartment-09 The-Wonderland-Apartment-10 The-Wonderland-Apartment-11 The-Wonderland-Apartment-12 The-Wonderland-Apartment-13 The-Wonderland-Apartment-14 The-Wonderland-Apartment-15 The-Wonderland-Apartment-16 The-Wonderland-Apartment-17 The-Wonderland-Apartment-18 The-Wonderland-Apartment-19 The-Wonderland-Apartment-20 The-Wonderland-Apartment-21 The-Wonderland-Apartment-22 The-Wonderland-Apartment-23

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