Costa Esmeralda House by María Victoria Besonías and Luciano Kruk

Costa Esmeralda House designed by María Victoria Besonías and Luciano Kruk

Architects: María Victoria Besonías and Luciano Kruk
Location: Costa Esmeralda, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Area: 120 sqm
Year: 2011
Photo courtesy: Gustavo Sosa Pinilla

This was our first venture in Costa Esmeralda, a land advancement neighbor to Pinamar began in 2004. As a late clumping, right now there are not very many developments and the spot is known for having distinctive sorts of scenes, with vegetation fluctuating from pine backwoods, with comparative qualities to the woods of Mar Azul, to regions where that vegetation is rare.


Thus, geography likewise has an assortment of circumstances, and there are level territories, discouraged, or rises with steep inclines, as this part division was made over a range of beach front dunes.The parcel has, as most significant information, a slight sadness towards the middle and a line of acacia trees of around 3 meters in stature parallel to the bleeding edge. These two elements are extremely fascinating, subsequent to both dejection and acacias give protection inside of the field which is a benefit, given the low thickness of the area that abandons it exceptionally presented to the few existing structures.

03The climate was a determinant variable at the venture’s season era, given the states of this zone of ​​the coast and this specific group. It is a brutal atmosphere, temperatures are high amid the mid year as the sunlight based radiation affects specifically by the absence of vegetation, and winters are icy, wet and breezy.

The customer asked for the task of a late spring house with feel and advantages, as far as upkeep, manufactured of solid houses in Mar Azul. The house ought to have two rooms and 33% of sporadic utilization: to be gone to by a more established tyke or inevitable visitors. The warming and cooling framework ought to be determined through the utilization of split gear, subsequent to the customer is the producer of these supplies.

06The projectual answer tries to profit by the distinction in level between the road and inside of the parcel. Thus, we chose to comprehend the house in two volumes oppositely meeting in “L” at diverse levels, picking to give more security to the volume that contains the private employments of the house by resting over the parcel’s level and putting it opposite to the front. The higher volume, of open utilization, is determined close by the bleeding edge exploiting the acacia trees that give protection and permit the delight in the far perspectives into the wild environment, thusly its raised position looked to give the house some vicinity from the road inclining out marginally over the acacias’ level. This volume was produced as an extended crystal, upheld toward one side over the rooms’ volume.

07At the inverse end lays on a visually impaired sidelong divider on which, in the lower level, the barbecue was found exploiting the somewhat secured produced as adaptable utilization space serving both for putting away of two autos with respect to readiness and happiness regarding the exemplary meal. This space is shielded from outer visuals to some extent by the distinction of level and to a limited extent by the wealth of acacias on the part’s front, with the goal that there can without much of a stretch add to a wide range of exercises. Access to the house has been tackled on the abnormal state of the fundamental floor, so it ought to spare the half-tallness distinction between the road level and the entrance level. This distinction is spared in the first occurrence, by a stairway close to the road that proceeds on a scaffold that crosses the acacias, permitting the delight in strolling in the middle of them and the landing in the passage to the higher floor. It was likewise anticipated a second staircase that connections the mostly secured region with access to the primary floor.

10Two rooms en suite are nucleated in a kaleidoscopic volume at ground level. This volume opens towards the inside of parcel with floor to roof woodwork to appreciate the encompassing’s perspectives nature; however the openings get to be littler on the allotment mass of the SW, where is found the course that associate with a stairway prompting the fundamental floor of the house.

In the commission was likewise required a third room of sporadic utilization to get the eldest child or consequent visitors. We chose it ought to be a fundamental’s piece living space with the likelihood of joining to pick up utilization of that space, consolidating it to whatever is left of the arrangement amid the time it stays free.

The principle volume was imagined practically like an incompletely secured space following, for his two long sides, – the front and falling away from the faith openings were joined which can be opened when the climate grants in an extent of 66%.

To the volume’s front of direction Northwest is created an arrangement of twofold skin: in front, a column of vertical sunshades of quebracho sheets, and behind a line of carpentry from floor to roof. This was required to forestall direct sun radiation and, in the meantime, to give a security roar that shields from the perspective from the road to the inside.

This volume unites the elements of living and lounge area, coordinated room for intermittent utilization (or a room with more closeness), a little latrine (which isolates the lounge area from the incorporated room) and the kitchen, situated on the west end of the volume, isolated from parlor by the stairwell that connections this level with the rooms’ volume.

Auxiliary determination

The volume of ground floor, which is blinder than the lifted volume, is effortlessly determined by bearing dividers and a chunk with ring shafts.

Also, the upper volume is determined as an extension upheld toward one side on the room’s volume and, at the inverse end, on an end divider which reaches out to incline toward the ground. This chunk is bolstered by two bars that gone through to the volume in its longest bearing. Towards the front, a 40 cm high pillar, and confronting the back, a rearranged shaft acts as back parapet for fenestration. The top section or rooftop is bolstered by two modified bars concealing the subfloor and the warm protection.

The work was done in uncovered solid, a material that binds together in a solitary component structure and wrapping up. H21 cement was utilized with the expansion of a fluidifiant so that this blend, with little measure of water to solidify, comes about exceptionally smaller and doesn’t require ling. Besides, the expressive nature of cement and its resistance and impermeability, made ​​superfluous any kind of surface completion. It accomplishes a minimal effort of execution at completing and unnecessary future support.

To adjust the building framework utilized as a part of the timberland to this new environment of more compelling conditions was important to enhance the warm insulation.To settle the warm protection of the raised volume spread was made ​​a low thickness underlayment which is holed up behind two transformed pillars.

Moreover, to enhance the outside’s protection dividers a second solid divider was developed within, leaving between the two parcels a space where the protecting material was placed.Cross ventilation was planned both in the rooms and on the fundamental floor to permit air dissemination and consequently to guarantee that the house will be revive in summer with the breeze.In the principle façade was additionally actualized a parasols column of red quebracho to keep away from the immediate frequency of daylight over the coated fenced in area. Quebracho wood was picked considering a base maintenance.The warming arrangement of this house is given by the utilization of hot and chilly ventilation systems. Was additionally incorporated a home-lizard to supplement the warming framework.

The couple of inside parcel dividers are of block, put and painted with white latex. Bathrooms highlight white enameled clay covering on the dividers that are not of cement. The floor fabrics are additionally from solid screed separated with aluminum plates. The meeting in the middle of dividers and the floor was determined with a recessed aluminum profile, as a base.

Light and visual treatment

As point by point over, the book is essentially in two volumes in ¨ L converging at distinctive levels. The lower volume constitutes the most private piece of the house while the higher volume contains the more open area.The treatment of light and visuals is firmly connected to these concepts.Yhe lower volume is shut towards the western partitioning divider to give security to the rooms segment (thinking on the future occupations of neighboring parcels) and it opens towards the parcel’s inside to appreciate the indigenous habitat visuals (outside visual surroundings ensured by the plenitude of acacia). So we can say that this volume has controlled lighting and is all the more firmly shut.

Interestingly, the higher volume is composed as a totally transparent volume, as a semi-secured that ascents to appreciate more removed perspectives and more prominent normal lighting. The parasols’ usage pads the effect of daylight and filtered the passage of daylight throwing long shadows and making an extremely unique climate, serving additionally as division cries in the middle of inside and the private outside, permitting you to see outward yet keeping away from perspectives internal.

Another asset used with respect to the common light is the opening of two bay windows in the fundamental’s top volume, one on the stairway and the other on the range bound to the chimney – lizard. The sky facing window set on the stairway produces a passage of light which offers pecking order to the union space of the two volumes vertically. The sky facing window over the chimney – lizard territory produces a focal point of consideration and chain of importance in the arrangement’s area bound to family gathering, while that permits likewise the toilette’s enlightenment with natural light.

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