Hill House by Jose Orrego

Hill House by Jose Orrego

Architects: Jose Orrego
Location: Lima, Peru
Year: 2013
Area: 10,225 square feet
Photo courtesy: Juan Solano

This venture was exceptionally encouraging, its area was in a region where the perspective was wonderful, it remained on a slope and the inclined landscape gave numerous potential outcomes to investigate methods for doing an one of a kind private building and in the meantime fulfill the family unit and social capacities. Being in a high place made the fundamental rooms of the house to confront the charming perspective.


The building has distinctive components which make it a spot that won’t be set aside around time, as it uses materials, for example, stone and wood for the façade, with the white dividers that make it look both fantastic and present day. This façade is encompassed by plants and nature, which make it emerge and make it a wonderful space-this makes it a spot where you can invest a large portion of the energy.

House-on-the-Hill-02The restroom materials likewise have this juxtaposition: the primary washroom has marble on the dividers, which make an extraordinary picture, furthermore is an excellent component which restricts the gentility of the visitor’s latrine.

House-on-the-Hill-03Despite the fact that this venture has various dialects, topics and spaces, we dealt with a way that it fits, and has this gentility which is refined by utilizing huge glass parts. Along these lines it incorporates the earth, where a wide range of components can get to be one.

House-on-the-Hill-04Lightning likewise assumed a major part in the venture, as it helps this softness, and in the meantime it can be utilized as an aide as a part of setting ways to stroll around the house. This permits the client to have diverse approaches to venture to every part of the house, be it by the fundamental passage and the insides of the house, or by the stairs to touch base at the external part where the greenhouse is.

House-on-the-Hill-05House-on-the-Hill-06 House-on-the-Hill-07 House-on-the-Hill-08 House-on-the-Hill-09 House-on-the-Hill-10 House-on-the-Hill-11 House-on-the-Hill-12 House-on-the-Hill-13 House-on-the-Hill-14 House-on-the-Hill-15 House-on-the-Hill-16 House-on-the-Hill-17 House-on-the-Hill-18 House-on-the-Hill-19 House-on-the-Hill-20 House-on-the-Hill-21 House-on-the-Hill-22 House-on-the-Hill-23 House-on-the-Hill-24 House-on-the-Hill-25

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